Countdown To…


Hours of sleep I AVERAGED over the last three days.
Why, Pink Ladies, have you failed me so?

Chicken Curry & Veggies over Rice


Meals that were eaten as leftovers from last week. Thank god for semi-homemade meals…and my stash of Target goodies to concoct that mango coconut curry dish up there. 😉


Loads of laundry I somehow managed to squeeze in. How? HOW? Do I wear so many clothes when I don’t GO ANYWHERE?!


Online purchases made to be filed under “retail therapy”.

Nanny Returns


Book I’ve been trying to speed read every chance I’ve had since its due tomorrow and I’m only halfway done! 😯


Now, if you’ll please excuse me, there is ONE bed that I’ll be diving into in about FIVE minutes! Just gotta brush my face and wash my teeth! Umm, wait…I mean…eh, fuck it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the god of the rains allows the current storm raging outside to last all day and lure me into a coma!

Because THAT would be one MARVELOUS thing!

How was your weekend? What did you do? What did you eat?
Please, let me LIVE vicariously through you! 😆

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8 Responses to Countdown To…

  1. Get a marvelous rest lady!!

    I spent the wekeend in the Swiss Alps, I ate Cheese Fondue, I drank sparkling wine I laughed my abs off and I sat in a horse buggy. It was perfect.

  2. Watch what I can do in 5 seconds.

    In 5 seconds, I can make this cake disappear.




  3. Kadee says:

    I spent my weekend chasing a slobbery 9 month old and snacking my face off. ;p

    PS whatever is in those leftovers looks pretty freakin tasty.

  4. Oh gosh I’m a total zombie when I only get 5 hours of sleep. I hope you make up for it tonight!

    This weekend I had a mini getaway with JZ in Toronto. We did a cooking class, went to a museum, had lunch at a French restaurant, and went to the Leafs game! It was hard coming back to real life after that lol.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh wow, I’d have a hard time coming down from that high too! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! What did you make during the cooking class? I wish they had those around here somewhere!

  5. Oh girl, how do you do it?! Go to bed! 🙂

  6. You are cray cray.

    I drove 10 hours straight and ate mcdonalds in my lap three times. I spilt sweet and sour sauce in my car seat next to me and my sister sat in it. It was awesome.

    Want to come do my laundry?

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