I’ve been holding out long enough…

I finally got pictures of everything I picked up during my Super Target shopping spree and I can’t WAIT to show you guys! Just so you know, I was ready to share last Friday, but after having my heart stretched three sizes, I just had to tell you guys how much you mean to me. So in the meantime, I took eve BETTER pictures (outside in 30 degree weather (-1°C), mind you) JUST to show my love…and ok, maybe it’s because I’m a little OCD and some of the pictures were crooked. Whatevs.

Anyway, since I know I’m not the ONLY foodie out there who skips up and down the grocery store aisles all jazz handsy and whatnot, I’m not only sharing the loot, but a little of the story/crazy thinking behind it. Yeah, you’re welcome! 😉

Target Foodie Goodies


Don’t worry, I broke it down for ya! I couldn’t be held responsible for little foodie brain-splatter all over computers across the globe, now could I? I swear to you I tried to maintain some composure. I slowly walked down the first aisle…armed only with a basket on my arm…so as not to commit to a full on foodie frenzy. I tried to pace myself and be level-headed about it all. I really did. But halfway down that sauce aisle, I just…well, I friggin LOST IT!!

Target SaucesPUMPKIN pasta sauce, peach balsamic grilling sauce, tikka masala simmer sauce, mango curry grilling sauce, and…umm, yeah, a jar of pickles…because once you hit the sauce, you can turn into one salty dog! Arrrr matey, hand over thar basting brush!

So, yeah, umm…I don’t know what just came over me right there, but let’s move on and forget it ever happened. I tried to reel it in after the sauce aisle, especially once I turned the corner and found the coffees. Oh the aroma! I know I must’ve sniffed 20+ bags…and when it came down to choosing, I’m pretty sure I started sweating. But when it was all over, I thought I did pretty good! And for the record, I promise I wasn’t high when I put these three things together for a picture…

Target Coffee and Pringles

For the record, I thought those Pringles were THESE Pringles which I was hoping would take me back to my childhood via memories of Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists but yeah, notsomuch. Luckily the coffee and sugar made up for the feelings of dejection…hello Spicy Vanilla Wonderland! 😀

I got smart and bypassed the frozen goods aisles (since I knew I wouldn’t be home for a few hours), but once I saw the refrigerated goods and then the WALL OF YOGURTS, all hope was lost…for my wallet AND my biceps!

Target YogurtsSiggi’s coffee and (finally I found the) pumpkin spice, Noosa pumpkin, and two flavors of a brand I’d never heard of but sounded interesting. Well, I haven’t tried the first three yet, but I don’t think it’ll take much to outdo that Dreaming Cow…unfortunately, I couldn’t even finish them. The maple ginger was SERIOUSLY over-gingered…even for THIS ginger! Ha!

I think I should be given a little credit that I didn’t buy any more coffee creamers, but that was only because I reminded myself that I still had five bottles at home. So obviously I was feeling pretty victorious on my way to checkout. So much so that I didn’t even see this group of hoodlums ambush me! I mean it…they came out of nowhere!

Target Goodies

Coconut Basatmi rice, some new-to-me Zone bars which are now GONEZO and my summertime lover, peanut butter caramel dip…I knew we’d meet again!

For those of you who don’t know what a Super Target is (which totally blew my mind when I saw the comments on Instagram), it’s basically like a Super Walmart…only 29356302975 times better…and classier! Let’s just say I’ll definitely pay more money for fancier foodie goodies and umm, vision insurance? <-Warning, you may in fact go blind after clicking on that link!

So welcome to my crazy food-obsessed shopping adventure. I hope you had fun, but more importantly, I hope I didn’t scare any of you off. I promise that no other shoppers OR employees were bitten, scratched, or harassed in any way…even when I couldn’t find any of the s’mores Jif Whips! 😉

What’s the last #foodieproblem you encountered?

What’s the last foodie item you brought home?

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16 Responses to #FoodieProblems

  1. Stacked! But it’s not a foodie problem…it’s just The Foodie Life! Love it all!

  2. Yeah, I second Rebecca – I don’t see no problem here, only bliss, heaven and rainbows!! I mean, considering you were shopping in Super Target (which I can only IMAGINE how amazing it is) – it’s totally legitimate to ruin the financial strategy and plans for this month or maybe 2015 🙂
    Cinnamon Sugar Pringles?? Now that is interesting. Though I would even more love to try the coconut rice!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Financial strategy? What’s that?? 😯 Lol!

      I’m digging into the coconut rice this week FORRRRRR sure! That and the curry sauce is going DOWN! Haha!

  3. I love Target. I try to fight it… but no.

    They sample the Dreaming Cow in Whole Paycheck a lot. I don’t like it either. I still can’t find the damn pumpkin Siggi’s! #yogurtenvy

  4. Well, holy shit. Guess it’s time I go to the new Super Target that opened near me!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yessssss! And I would like a play-by-play, complete with selfies of your reaction to it all, in my inbox by the next morning! 😉

  5. Hahaha Alex is from Minnesota (where Target is based) so he’s ALL about Target 😉 I love it, too! The Super Targets really are awesome!

  6. haha my biggest foodie problem is seeing all the awesome brands/varieties of different foodie things I can’t get at home! I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s…

  7. I think I ate 10 containers of that pumpkin Noosa. And the coffee Siggis and pumpkin one too. Those are the bomb. The pumpkin Noosa is like eating butter. Savor it. SO SO good. and maybe stir in a spoonful of the pumpkin spice Jif whips and top with sliced bananas…but you didn’t hear it from me 😉 <–wait, yeah you did!

  8. Omg I have food envy again. You guys just have everything and anything.

    I am in so much love that you got all those salty goodies. Eat the pickles with the curry and turn into a puffy fish.

  9. I didn’t even know there was such thing as Super Targets! We have Target here in Canada now, but I don’t think we have those Super Targets unfortunately. 🙁 Looks like you got a great loot though! That pumpkin pasta sauce sounds dreamy. As does the pumpkin yogurts. Sadly the only pumpkin flavoured things we can get here in Canada are actual pumpkins lol.

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