Thinking Out Loud: Connect the Dots

What uhhhhhhp? 😉

I hope you guys liked my little survey post on Tuesday. I forgot how much fun it is to answer those things! Now it’s time for me to ask YOU some questions: How’s your week going? Good? Can you believe it’s Thursday already? Where’s the year going? Next thing you know, it’ll be Christmas…and we all know how true that statement is. In the meantime, how about we back it up a bit and take a look at some snap-worthy moments from the last couple of weeks?

I bet my convoluted mind can make them all connect!

My Squirrel Family

I’d like everyone to meet The Nuts. Oh, get your mind outta the gutter! There are little squirrel ears present! I couldn’t contain my excitement when I stumbled over this mug (that obviously was made for me!) at the store on Halloween night…and once I spotted those teensy weensy salt and pepper shakers, I was a goner!

Cheese Book

In other shopping adventures, I looked like a dog getting yanked at the end of his leash when I caught sight of this book the other day. Trouble is, I DIDN’T buy it and now I’m having the opposite of buyers remorse.

What do you think? Should I go back and get it?

Bailey's Coffee Creamer

What I DID walk out of the store with was this little trio! I told you guys I had developed a coffee creamer addiction! I still have half of two bottles left from my last surge of impulse buying. But seriously, HOW could I turn these down? I haven’t tried them just yet, but I’m hoping for pure and udder deliciousness!

Ha, get it? ‘Cause cream comes from cows?  


Shower Speaker

The impulse buying is only worse online. I try to do most of my Christmas shopping online each year because I abhor long lines and stupid people sucking up all my oxygen and oh look, I found something to buy for myself! I got this bluetooth shower speaker from Open Sky last week and it’s so freaking AWESOME!

Now I just need to shatterproof my mirror! 😉

Naked Flame

After taking a look at the manual, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud over the warnings listed in the beginning. Naked flames? As opposed to those who are fully clothed? Obviously I had to harass my fellow Snapchatters with these pics. I may be a bit too proud of my artistic rendition of The Embarrassed Ember. 😉

Straight Hair Selfie

Speaking of smoking hot things…whaaaaaat? 😯

I just had to document my straight hair on Tuesday before jumping in the shower and allowing the curls to take over again. I got a wild hair Sunday night and decided to straighten it…only took TWENTY MINUTES! Hence the reason it will probably be another six months before I do it again. Sorry, but I’m a lazy, instant gratification kinda gal.

Pac-Man Egg English Muffin

Which is why I will always be a fan of breakfast (specifically scrambled eggs) when in an all out state of hanger. I finally broke into “my precious” cheese a couple of weeks ago with some crackers. It was a little underwhelming…but let me tell you! So much better when heated up! I threw a few bits into my scrambled eggs which I dumped on top of my last (*gasp) pumpkin spice English muffin, and drizzled it all with a bit of honey!

Yum yum in my tum tum!

Yes, I’m a dork.

I’m also forgetful. I posted last week’s ToL while I was a little distracted and totally spaced on my music of the week. Am I the only one who has a hard time multitasking? I swear I can’t even have the radio on when I’m typing up a post or I’ll end up typing the words to the song over and over again. Or what I think are the words…ha! Anywho, in case you missed it in yesterday’s post…

Glass Animals are coming to Nashville in THREE WEEKS!

Seriously guys, I am beyond excited! And I swear I’ve never been to as many concerts in my life as I have in the last six months! After you finish swaying to this beat, Be sure to check out Spoons for all the other Thursday randomness!


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
I hope to have my done by the end of the month!

OHHHHH! Speaking of the holidays, I almost forgot to tell you guys that Jamie (the woman responsible for slapping some sense into me last year) is hosting another FREE holiday challenge this year! It starts November 24 and will last TWO WEEKS. The focus is on “flowing through the holidays with ease, beauty and confidence” which sounds pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it? Let’s all team up and get through the stress of the holidays like the princesses (or princes) we are! 😀

Click here to sign up!


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