Sharing is Caring!

Hey guys and happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was spent having dinner with friends, cuddling with the man-friend under a warm blanket watching this and that (both of which we really liked), and spending most of the day Saturday at my parents house…indulging in comfort food, cable television, and some good laughs!

Nuts Candle

Just in case you’ve ever wondered where I get my sense of humor! 😉

After leaving my parents house on Saturday night, the man-friend and I got back and I was BEYOND starving. In lieu of abusing me with citrus fruit, the man-friend set to work on a chicken fried rice dish, but as good as that sounds NOW, I just wasn’t feeling salty and savory. So I pulled out a near-empty peanut butter jar I’d hidden in the back of his pantry I found in his pantry, threw in a cold roasted sweet potato, some Greek yogurt, and fig jam and called it dinner. It was exactly what I wanted and well, exactly what Jay Jay wanted too!

Jay Jay the Peanut Butter Lover

Sharing is caring!

Which brings me to the point of this post: I’ve stumbled over some really great things on the interwebs lately and since my weekend can pretty much be summed up in two paragraphs, instead of a recap post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite links!

Enjoy! 😀

Links that got me thinking:

The Good Life Challenge from Jamie Mendell – Ok, so there really wasn’t much thinking involved with signing up for Jamie’s FREE holiday challenge…weekly challenges designed to help get you through the stress of the holidays (including the fear of gaining weight) with TONS of prizes! Since this is my first holiday season with intuitive eating and I’ve still be struggling some with bingeing, I definitely wanted some support/motivation over the next month and what better way to hold myself accountable AND possibly win some cool prizes?! It started yesterday and will be going on until the new year, BUT you can still sign up!!

Love & Learning to Love: Baring it All from Snack Therapy – A beautifully honest post about loving your body that literally brought me to tears.

Five Ways to Deal with Anxiety from Mrs. Murphy’s Laws of Fitness – A few things to think about to keep our stressors from getting the best of us.

Don’t Feel Sorry via Fitting It All In – Since I’ve been struggling at times to accept the weight I’ve recently gained, this was the PERFECT post for me!

Be Strong Enough to Walk Away via Health Nut Julie – A gentle reminder that some people are just NOT meant to be in our lives.

10 Words You’ve Probably Been Misusing via Hello Giggles – Ado vs Adieu…gah, GUILTY!

Links that got me laughing:

Marcel the Shell with Shoes OnMadison shared this one with me…Just wait till you get to the part about her dog! 😆

Nature Talk with Charlotte G via Commitness to Fitness – I swear, Charlotte CEASES to amaze me with her hilarity!

26 Dangerous Symptoms of Being Addicted to Puns – I can’t pick a favorite…they’re all so punny!

Links that got me drooling made my eyes bug out:

34 Insanely Easy Two-Ingredient Recipes – Greek yogurt PIZZA CRUST, ice cream BREAD, egg nog MUFFINS?!…and yeah, clearly I’m carb-obsessed! 😉

Dip Recipe Creations – An ENTIRE site dedicated to one of the things I love the most!

Herbed Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sauce from Hungry Girl Por Vida – Calee linked these in her latest WIAW post and I mean, how could you go wrong with this combo?

Vanilla Cardamom Quinoa Pudding from Coffee & Quinoa – What’s better than rich and creamy rice pudding? Pudding with a protein PUNCH!

Chili Roasted Tofu with Minted Pomegranate Relish from The Sprouted Kitchen- Seriously, does this even NEED an explanation?! 😯

What did you do this weekend?

Any good links you’d like to share?

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