7 Ways To Burn More Calories This Holiday Season

I’ve officially been back in the gym for TWO WEEKS!

Although it’s a pretty much daily thing for me to complain about DOMS, I’ve been seeing SO much progress with my knee! As of last Friday, I can now sit Indian-style almost completely pain-free…talk about a motivation boost! And I surprised the heck out of myself yesterday when I woke up to SNOW, but got right up, threw on my workout clothes and hit the gym anyway!

Gym Selfie 2

Since I know a lot of people out there (myself included) can sometimes lose their motivation to workout during the holidays, I’ve put together a little list of things that will help you burn more calories than you ever thought possible…

Most without even hitting the gym!


1. Sha-sha-sha-sha-shake it, baby!

Whenever you run errands around town, throw on your workout clothes!
Or more specifically, throw on your SUMMER workout clothes…shorts, tanks, the more skin you’re showing the better! Not only will it motivate you to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible without being seen by anyone you know, but you will likely shiver off up to one calorie a minute!

*Bonus points if you hum the Mission Impossible theme while shopping.

Gym Selfie 3

2. Embrace the early-onset Alzheimers!

Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to forget every.single.thing you plan on taking with you…your keys, your wallet, your child…just make sure you are in such a hurry that you only remember ONE thing at a time.

*Bonus points if you have to go UP STAIRS to retrieve forgotten items.


3. Be a Santa Schwarzenegger! 

With holiday shopping upon us, we’ve all heard the tip of parking in the back of the lot and walking further to the stores, but I’ll do ya one even better…make it a POINT to spoil your loved ones this year with gifts of heavy proportions…Johnny needs a 42 inch television, Susie could really use that commercial-grade stand mixer, and little Tim, well, he’s been eyeing that kayak all year! Once you’ve selected these items, forget the cart and CARRY those bitches to your car!

*Bonus points if you forget where you parked!

Gym Selfie

4. Roll with OUT the punches!

For those of you with back problems, there is an alternative. Go shopping on Black Friday. Center yourself in the middle of the electronics department and proceed to pick fights with anyone who even LOOKS at the latest iPad. Make sure to profile the pageant moms whenever possible.

*Bonus points if you wear a tu-tu and wield a plastic light saber. 

5. Do the domesticated dash!

If you’d rather not surround yourself with the chaos that is holiday shopping, stay at home and do some baking…and cooking AND cleaning all at the same time! The more activities you can pack in at once the better. Oh and it would probably be a good idea to invite your mother-in-law over because we all know a workout is better with a little aggression motherly motivation!

*Bonus points if you vacuum WHILE microwaving oatmeal.

TV Gym

6. Find some {eye} candy!

If you DO happen to have a gym membership and can drag yourself out in the subarctic temperatures (ie, anything below 70°F), be sure to make the most out of the entertainment available. Hop on an elliptical and people watch, cruise Instagram, or drool over James Denton for a solid 33 minutes.

*Bonus points if you moan audibly and/or slip off the machine every 10 minutes.

Gym Selfie Weights

7. Weight a minute!

Whether it be with a group of friends, your favorite blog, or just yourself, find the funny whenever possible. Remember that while this season can be stressful, you can’t take life (or yourself) so serious all the time!

*Bonus points you can get someone to walk like an Egyptian with you.

Do you take an obnoxious number of selfies at the gym?

What workouts are you loving lately?

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