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May: The Month of Music & Merriment

And just like that, it’s the FIRST day of June! Wow, how the HECK did I let that happen? I swear I thought we had one more May day left, but well, obviously I was mistaken. Looks like my little “currently” post is … Continue reading

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Pretty F-ing Marvelous!

Faaaaaa-UCK! HOW is it Monday already?! Sorry I’m not sorry for the abrupt intro, but DAMN! Is it just me or does it feel that the further we get in the year, the shorter the weekends get? Thanks for nothing, Daylight Savings … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Loud: Bits, Pieces, & the Mega-Torch of DEATH!

What up, my peepalicious peeps?! Uh, just go with it. Hey, look at that…it’s Thursday…so I don’t have to make any excuses for the way my mind works! But I do have some pretty crazy bits and pieces floating around in there … Continue reading

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