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Wedgies, Waffles, and WINNERS!

What up, Wednesday?! I’m gonna make this one short and sweet today. Why you ask? Well, to be Frank (because sometimes that’s more exciting than just being Heather), I’m having a bad day…yesterday, by some act of GOD, I managed … Continue reading

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Hashtag Waffle Winning

Happy WAFFLE Day! Or you know, just Wednesday…but go with me on this one…it deserves a bit of dramatism, becaaaaaaaause I made WAFFLES!! BoomshakaWAFFAlaka! If you’ve been around for a while, you know of my battles with Willy the Wafflemaker. If … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Tenne-saw-ippi

Hello, loves! So, I started typing up this post last week but, since dear ol’ broccoli decided to go into    a week-long coma, it never made it to publish! Now that she’s back up and running, I can FINALLY tell you … Continue reading

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