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Thinking Out Loud: Up Up Up!

What’s uhhhhhhp?! Happy Thursday, kittens! I hope you’ve all been having a great week. Things have been pretty freaking fantastic over here in Broccoliland…especially since the weather has been looking up a bit. Get this…we’ve officially made it ABOVE FREEZING! Ok, … Continue reading

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Thinking Out Questions?

Since I’m feeling a bit rusty with the whole blogging thing after my little break, how about you guys give me a free pass and I just jump in on Amanda’s link up with some Thursday randomness? Yeah? Sound good? Can we get started now? … Continue reading

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June: The Month of Time Warps & Monkey Love

Where am I?! Ok, so wasn’t I JUST lamenting over the fact that we’re halfway through June? Now it’s the last day of the month?! What gives? Is there something in the water? Am I in Narnia? Or more importantly, do … Continue reading

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