Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Happy Monday my little broccoli florets! Hope you all had a good start to your week!

This week is what I call my “late week” at the hospital. I go in at 9am and get off at 7:30pm. These are the weeks where I usually get up early and get a good workout in, have a nice breakfast, and do some blog reading before I go in for a long 10 hour shift. Well, since all the forces in this world couldn’t pry my face off my pillow this morning, I only managed to get ONE of these things done.

I’ll give you one guess as to which one got top priority!

Anyone care for some cheesecake French toast?

I have seriously become obsessed with Lori’s recipe for Banana Smashed Cheesecaked French Toast! I’ve had it FOUR times in the last two weeks!

No lie, this is the best French toast that will ever touch your lips!

I’m not so sure I’ll ever be able to make French toast again without smashing a banana into the bread first! The combination of the sweet banana with the nutritional yeast- spiked egg mixture is insanely delicious. I’ve served them with maple syrup, peanut, butter and of course my favorite, Sarena’s Coconut Cream and each plate was just as great as the last!

No food goes to waste! You better believe I made a mini crepe thingy with the leftover egg mixture! Mmm, mmm, good!

Speaking of “mmm, mmm, good”…yesterday’s lunch was every bit of delicious! I met Tori at my favorite sushi place, Kora, for a Sister-Sushi Date!

Our “appetizer” of cheese rangoons that came AFTER our meal.

Fortune cookie says: bad waitress…bad tip!

Who am I to go against Chinese prophesy??

Tori ordered the Dancing Eel with eel, cucumber, cream cheese, and

And I just HAD to be different!

Oshinko (Japanese pickle)

And the Salmon Skin roll

Believe it or not, it was darn tasty!

Sunday afternoon, I’m a sistah snacking on some salmon skin!

Ohh, you liked that didn’t you? 😉

*Alliteration nerd alert!*

It’s hard to believe that I’m the same girl who used to order chicken strips and fries at practically every restaurant I went to. I was always too afraid that I would regret getting something else for fear that I wouldn’t like it. My have my tastes/attitude changed since then! Nowadays, I rarely ever order the same thing twice and I’ve discovered a lot of NEW favorite foods!

What about you, do you like to try new things when you eat out or do you tend to stick with what you know?

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