I AM a Runner!

Thank you guys for all the sweet comments on the house decor! I’m definitely keeping the curtains…just have to starch, iron, and hem those babies!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon one of those blog posts that gets ya thinkin’. It was a guest post on Lisa’s blog from another Lisa (did I lose you?) on learning to claim the title of “a runner”.

I’ve never considered myself a runner. I enjoy running, but I always thought that I was too slow or took too many walk breaks to ever call myself a runner. That is until I read this line from Lisa’s post:

  • “It’s all about having the confidence to say that you are running. If you’re not walking, you’re running. (Besides, jogging’s something people did in the 80′s.)”

Wow! Talk about a confidence boosting slap in the face! What’s that I smell…roses? Oh yeah, I’m awake!

Who cares if I’m not the fastest. Who care’s if I stop for walk breaks. Who cares if I’ve never run further than 5 miles. The fact is:

I AM running!

Lately, running has become a bit of a release for me. I was feeling a bit of leftover “I hate my job because it’s no longer the weekend” funk today and when my shift finally ended and I saw how beautiful it was outside, I decided to go for a little impromptu run!

Oh yeah, poor gal’s forerunner right there!

A freebie watch the hospital gave me and my car to drive the course to figure out my mileage

Would it be too much to ask for Christmas in July??

I’m currently using a little strip of highway that leads from Walmart to a gas station for my runs…2.5 miles there, 2.5 miles back…and I get a pee break! Haha! I had only planned to run about half the distance today, but when it came time to turn around and head back to the car, my legs just weren’t ready to quit yet!

I was really proud of myself for going the entire distance, especially on the way back from my “pee break” when the wind had me wondering if I was even moving at all!

(For those of you who don’t know, Matt of The Athlete’s Plate is a total.speed.demon! I’m sure he looks like a blur to passersby!)

You wanna know the best part? Even with the wind, the humidity, AND the fact that I had just worked an 8 hour shift…I cut SIX MINUTES off my time from Saturday! I’m sorry, but I’m kinda feeling like a rockstar right now!

Do you enjoy running?

Do you have a hard time calling yourself a runner?

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