WIAW: Weekend Edition

Hey peeps! I’m posting early for another What I Ate Wednesday! I want to thank you guys so much for making Kiss My Broccoli the most clicked link from the last WIAW Party!


So I’m doing things a little different this week! I’ve been trying to eat more intuitively over the past few weeks and I thought I’d give you guys a true look at a schedule-free day of eats from last Saturday where I ate WHAT I wanted WHEN I wanted it!

When I woke up, I wasn’t really feeling breakfast, but I knew I was heading to the farmer’s market so I had something light on the way out the door:

Breakfast (8:15am)
Banana and  1/2 caf coffee (because I can’t live without my man Joe!)

With a side of “candy” as per usual

Brunch (11:15am)
Oats cooked in half water/half almond milk topped with fresh strawberries,
homemade coconut butter, and flax sprinkles

Post bike ride recovery (2:00pm)
Diluted chocolate milk

Lunch (3:15pm)
PB&J Hummus sandwich with a side of fruit

Dinner (6:00pm)
A little bit of this…a little bit of that:
Cottage cheese sprinkled with pepper & smoked paprika
steamed edamame

Enjoyed outside on the patio while soaking up some sun!

Bedtime Snack (10:15pm)
Marbled rye, creamed corn mixed with nooch
tomato slices
bread ‘n butter pickles
fresh basil

I SWEAR I’m not pregnant!

Here’s the twisted train of thought that led to this strange combo:

“Hmm, I really want a piece of that rye bread I bought from the market today….and a tomato. Ohh, a cheese and tomato sandwich sounds really good right about now! Wait, I’m out of cheese!”

And then when I went to the pantry for the nutritional yeast, I spied the cream-style corn I bought the other day (another nostalgic food item)…

The pickles and basil however cannot be explained! 😉

So there you have it, a complete day of listening to my body and eating what I want. I’ve learned over the past few weeks that when I listen to my body, I actually prefer to eat something light for breakfast and then have second breakfast and lunch a little later in the day. I only wish everyday’s meals could be without schedules and time restrictions!

Do you tend to keep your routine on the weekend or do you tend to vary on meal times?

What’s the best thing you ate in the last 24 hours?

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53 Responses to WIAW: Weekend Edition

  1. I LOVE ALL UR EATS~!! PICKLES ROCK! also.. best photography EVA!
    i never eat at the same time rly.. it totally depends on my schedule and what im doing etc!

  2. my mom used to eat that same exact thing when she was pregnant with me! However, I think she does still eat it every once in a while.

    I would say the best thing I’ve had was a salad that has strawberries, walnuts, arugula and some type of dressing. It was delicious!

  3. Great photography! I’m trying to do more of intuitive eating. I’ve started to give into the cravings but I’m still on a “time” schedule. I’m getting better though. I’ve never tried pb&j and hummus but I think I might have to give it a try soon!
    The best thing I’ve eaten in the past 24 hours would have to be my spinach salad with a homemade strawberry balsamic dressing. It was delicious!

    • It is hard to break from the “scheduled eats”…especially when you’ve done it for so long. I wish I had the type of job where I could eat whenever I want, but unfortunately, it’s eat at X time or don’t eat at all! It does make eating intuitively a bit harder.

      Homemade strawberry balsamic dressing sounds delicious!

  4. You know I am all about intuitive eating so YAY! Your oaty brunch looks fab. I usually keep my routine on the weekend unless I have all day plans!

  5. No wonder your blog is the most clicked link WIAW. Cause, it always ROCKS!
    Way to go with the intuitive eating. Seems like this is the trend for food bloggers these days- and Im SO happy about it! It is the only way to reallt take care of our health!
    Happy Wednesday Healther:)

  6. Evan says:

    That oat bran reminds me of strawberry shortcake. I like!

    And it doesn’t surprise me that you were the most clicked. Your eats are a) GORGEOUS b) creative and c) your blog is fun to read! 🙂

  7. Um, I would totally get down on that crazy snack combo, no doubt!!! Basil AND pickles?! I die! 🙂

  8. Still gagging over that sandwich…

  9. Totally loving all your eats but the sandwich, it is definitely 100% you though 🙂
    I want some of your vitamin candy please!!!!

  10. hahaha I literally have those same vitamins. I looove gummy vitamins!!! hahaha

    That’s such a delicious nighttime snack! Way better than my tortilla chip raids!

  11. Katie says:

    I would eat all this. Every day.

  12. Oh my goodness, this all looks so so good – especially your oatbran WOW 🙂 Hehe I have gummy vitamins too yum!
    And your photography is simply stunning! I hope to be as good one day!

  13. caitlinoco says:

    I get more on a schedule when my activities are on a schedule (classes, when work starts, etc.) but when I’m just chillin or on the weekend everything gets a little off. I had fro-yo last night, it was delicious! Have an amazing day beautiful!!

  14. Jenny says:

    Yum I love everything! Those oats with flax sprinkles look delish, love the homemade coconut butter. I must try the pb hummus sammies asap. And I try to keep the same routine even on the weekend, it gets tough but I try 😀

  15. Chelsea says:

    I tend to keep to the same meal routine 🙂 Breakfast – Snack – Lunch – Snack – Dinner that’s only because I have it like plugged in my brain that way though lol.

  16. Lovin’ the intuitive eating! And the strange combos 😉 I used to have a really rigid eating schedule, and I’d force myself to eat if I wasn’t hungry and wait even if I was hungry… but that made life absolutely miserable. Since I started relaxing my schedule and eating what I want, when I want, I’ve become a lot more happy and energetic… and I love seeing people do the same!

  17. Lauren says:

    Sometimes it’s so nice to not have a work or school schedule getting in the way of intuitive eating. So what if breakfast comes after 11? I did it. And I love hearing your thought process on that open face sandwich. You lost me at the creamed corn part ha ha 😛

  18. Mmmm. Pickles! Now, I want that sandwich!!! 😉

  19. I like my first and second breakfasts too…

    your oats look awesome – what KIND are they, that they end up looking more like cream of wheat? I’m intrigued and want them!

  20. love your oats. I need to get some strawberries!! love all your combos. and love your pb&j hummus! gotta make some more….mmmm

  21. My meal times change on the weekend just because I’m not up as early! I definitely have noticed that I don’t really eat too much during the day, keeping my breakfast and lunch on the smaller sides.

  22. I’m a fan of multiple breakfasts. Hey, if I can get more out of my favorite meal, why not?
    I’m trying to listen to my body more and eat less on a schedule, which is going to change when I go to camp this summer (talk about schedule!) but hey, it’s fine for a month.
    I’m going to have to try your pb+hummus combo. is it good?

    • Deeeelicious! Any bean, any jam…never disappoints! I like to think of it as my grown up version of PB&J…much more filling! 😉

      And you are a girl after my own heart! I LOVE breakfast! I could eat it all day, every day!

  23. No wonder you’re the most clicked link…your days are full of delicious foods! Loving your bedtime snack!

  24. yummy! it all looks so so delicious 🙂

  25. birdie to be says:

    Great looking meals!!!

  26. Tiff says:

    My Saturdays are all over the place too. Good eats!

  27. Looks like a tasty day to me. I don’t think food combinations like the rye sandwich need explanation when they are just pure brilliance! I like where you’re going with this. We tend to go outside of our routine if Tony isn’t working on the weekends, but if it’s a normal work day, then we stay on schedule. He gets so busy that he won’t eat, so I force feed him!

  28. PB & J Hummus!? I think I will have to try it 🙂

    I think the best thing I ate in the past day was my lunch wrap..grilled chicken, spinach, tabouleh, and goddess dressing!

  29. I read this baby from my phone and wanted to EAT my flipping phone when I saw your bedtime snack! OMG YUM!

  30. I eat when I’m hungry on the weekends! During the week I don’t have much choice but to adhere to a schedule!

  31. teeneatlive says:

    I really need to try your pb&j hummus! As soon as I have time, I am definitely making it! 😀 Your oats look great too! I wish it wasn’t so hot here, I have been craving hot oatmeal!

  32. In some ways, I like to stick to an eating schedule, but in some ways I like to eat when I feel like it. I try to eat before I get too hungry because I go crazy and binge otherwise!

    • I understand what you mean! I do like to have some plan when it comes to my meals or I just end up throwing something together (typically a salad of sorts) just so I don’t chew my own arm off!

  33. Emilia says:

    You’re too cute- loving all your eats and sense of humor (still. and that won’t change!)
    I try to be as intuitive as I can when it comes to eats and exercise. Funny though, as I crave a big salad beast with creamy dressing and accruements or a big fat smoothie often. 🙂

  34. Lee Lee says:

    I love your random dinner! I do that all the time. I often crave obscure things and can’t decide on one thing for dinner- so I have it all!!! WOOO edamade love.

  35. Jess says:

    Gorgeous pics! On weekend mornings, I like to just have some fruit before going to a yoga class and enjoying a late breakfast. Haha this usually puts my late-sleeping boyfriend and I on the same “eating schedule” for the day too, which is convenient for agreeing on when to cook or go out for dinner.

    The best thing I’ve had in the best 24 hours is hands-down the salad I just made for lunch: baby spinach, roasted pepper, edamame, half an avocado, a broken up “Dr. Kracker” flatbread tossed in miso tahini dressing.

  36. Jess says:

    “best 24 hours” = “past 24 hours.” I guess I’m in a pretty good sunny-day mood.

  37. Awesomeness. That’s the way to do it!

  38. Jenny says:

    I am not the least bit surprised that your WIAW posts was the most clicked on. Aside from your food being painfully beautiful, you always each such a wide variety of delicious foods. I always leave this blog feeling so inspired 🙂 Love you for that!

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