What I Ate On The 4th Of July!
…duh! 😉

Alternate title: What I Eat When Running Makes Me a Ravenous Beast!

It was so nice to have yesterday off for the holiday. At the risk of sounding like I have no life (and although it is an easily amused life, I do in fact have one), I spent the Fourth of July at home, relaxing inside out of the heat…and whipping up some delicious eats! So delicious that I knew they had to be featured on the next WIAW link party!

As always, be sure to take a napkin with you over to Peas & Crayons to check out all the drool-worthy eats featured in this week’s partay! 😉

Pre-Run Fuel (4:30am)
“Ol’ Faithful”

Post-Run Fuel (6:30am) 😉
Iced coffee with ONLY milk and NO sugar

Word to the not-so-coffee-wise: Obviously when you order an iced coffee with milk that translates into an iced coffee with milk AND cream AND syrup! And can you believe the barista looked at ME like I was crazy when I went back?!

Breakfast (7:00am)
BBQ French Toast with PB & Frog Preserves

Yeah, I’ll let you know when I stop dreaming thinking of new BBQ and PB&J combos…not that I see that happening any time soon! 😉

Morning Snack (9:00am)
Cantaloupe with Greek Yogurt & Granola

Pre-workout Snack (11:00am)
Quinoa/Cottage Cheese/Cinnamon Love

I started getting hungry in the early afternoon, but I really wanted to go to the gym for Bodypump. Luckily, this little snack was just enough to fend of the hunger beast and give me a little energy to “pump my body”!

Lunch (1:45pm)
Leftover pulled-pork from the party Friday night, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato topped with sunflower seed butter & Appalachian Picalilly

Afternoon Snack (5:45pm)
Kashi Go Lean, banana, peanut flour, flax sprinkles, and almond milk

Dinner (8:15pm)
Leftover Lentil Soup, spinach salad, and a brown hockey puck
And just what could that brown hockey puck be exactly?

One of Jess’s Biscolls!…aka, fluffy, carby goodness!

And to round out the evening, a little Kombucha night cap!

Whew, now I’m hungry! If you’ll excuse me, I believe there are a couple of leftover Chocolate Chip Hummus Balls in the kitchen calling my name! 😉

What’s the best thing you ate on the Fourth of July?

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