California Friday #1

Happy Friday my friends!

I figured the best way to recap the big events of my California trip was to take the Flashback Friday approach so allow me to introduce to you:

California Friday: The Impromptu 10 Mile Hike!

Last Monday, Emilia and I set off on a hike at Nisene Marks State Park.

We planned to be out for a couple of hours…hike about 5 or 6 miles…get some good pics and call it an afternoon so I figured it be a great opportunity to break in my frog feet shoes!

Rock surfin’!

When we first entered the park we spotted the ranger station and made our way up to it to grab a map

You ever seen those shows on the Discovery Channel where the two hikers go into the forest without a map and only ONE bottle of water?

Are you like me and yell at the TV to them, telling them they are complete morons and are going to get lost?

Well, don’t be so hard on them…it all started out so well in the beginning…

Happy hikers ready to hit the trails!

I had an excuse to play with “Big Bertha” (aka the DSLR):

We went over some unique paths and bridges:

I saw my first banana slug:

And proceeded to stalk for 10 minutes while jumping up and down and saying
“Ewwwww!” 500 times!

Haha! Love the nature, but I can be such a girly girl sometimes! 😉

Then, we found a MAP!

Notice the “You are here”?

Yeah, to scale, that would be about 5 more miles or so until all the trails even START!

We were still in the “entry” of the park after 3 HOURS of hiking!

But that’s ok, we just used the pay phone and had someone come pick us up!

Haha! NOT!

Who puts a pay phone in the middle of the forest? Correction…who puts a NON-WORKING pay phone in the middle of the forrest?!

By the time we got back to the house about an TWO HOURS later, we were barely able to walk up the steps to the door, about to gnaw our arms off, and I had a blister in the oddest of places…thank you Five Fingers!

Note: I still love ’em…I just don’t recommend hiking over 10 miles in them within the first week of owning them!

Stay tuned next Friday to hear what we did the following day to “recover” from our half day excursion!

Have you ever been hiking? Do you over prepare/pack or just wing it?

Random question: Did anyone ever pour salt on slugs as a kid and watch them shrivel up? #meanthingschildrendo 😉

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