Fluffernutter & Other Things Thursday

Hey guys!

Gonna make this short and sweet because I’m about to go out with a friend for pizza and a movie! Anyone seen 50/50? I’m hoping it’s good!

I kinda like the whole “Thursday Things” theme I’ve been doing here and there lately…so I’m gonna do one today because

1. I really like to make lists and

2. It’s my blog and I make the rules! 😉

First up:


Last night I treated myself to my first ever fluffernutter sandwich!

Not sure what that is? Well then, allow me to enlighten you! It’s a sandwich made of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff and it tastes like Heaven!

I haven’t had marshmallow fluff since I was a kid, but after seeing a few variations of the sandwich popping up over blogworld lately (namely Jessica’s Fluffernutter Cupcakes), I just had to see what all the fuss was about!

Another thing I’ve been loving:

Wholly Guacamole single serving snack packs!

It’s so hard to make guacamole for one without it turning brown. I’ve tried everything…lemon juice, lime juice, leaving the pit in it, practically mummifying it in plastic wrap…nothing works, but these little packs are perfect for on the go and the best part? I got them on reduced sale because they were going out of date! They’re normally about twice that much! 🙂

And then there was Walmart.

 I hate to admit it…because sometimes I feel like they own my soul (I try to shop other places but darn it if they aren’t the frickin’ cheapest on everything!)…but I’m kinda loving my local Walmart lately because I just found out yesterday that they’re carrying


And of course theirs are cheaper than the ones at Kroger!

*happy dance*

Speaking of dancing like a white girl…

I totally busted out the happy dance when I stopped on my way home and found

Gas for under $3.30!!

That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it in FOREVER!!

After my fill up, I continued home. When I got in, there was a little package waiting for me:

The new Peppermint Stick flavor Clif Bar!

I noticed something on Facebook a few weeks ago about entering to receive one of their newest flavors to sample, but I completely forgot about it until today.

Can’t wait to try it!

What are three things you’ve been enjoying lately?

Have you ever tried a fluffernutter sandwich?

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