WIAW: Three Times Faux

Hey hey my lovely readers!

I hope you are all having a great week so far. I’ve been getting up SUPER early this week to be at work by 6:30am and it is kicking my butt! I laid down around 4pm today for a short nap and woke up TWO hours later…ugh!

But anywho, you didn’t come here to hear me complain, go ahead and break out those party hats and noisemakers…

It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday!

As always, a HUGE thank you goes out to Jenn for making this party fun for all every Wednesday! If you’re interested in linking up or just want to drool over some delicious looking eats, head on over to Peas & Crayons and have a look!

What’s your take on “faux” meat?

No, this broccoli kisser isn’t planning on going vegan/vegetarian any time soon, but I’ve always been interested in new and different foods which I guess started the whole curiosity I have for tofu, tempeh, and other “faux” meat eats!

Well, after seeing Elise whip up strips, patties, and logs of seitan for months now, I finally got around to trying out her recipe over the weekend!

Looks delicious doesn’t it? Lol 😉

I had big plans for this phallic looking lump of faux meat, but those plans only required about 1/3 of the batch…so you know what that means?

Time to get a little creative with leftovers!

After fumbling with the coffee pot with bleary eyes and some raging bed head, I poured myself a weekend-sized cup of coffee…I think 5am wake ups require heavily caffeinated measures!

Then it was time for breakfast!

Breakfast (5:45am)
1 egg + 2 egg whites, scrambled with cubed seitan, goat cheese crumbles and raspberry hot pepper preserves alongside a chocolate cherry cake doughnut and 1/2 an orange

Morning snack (10:30am)
Verry Berry Chobani

Lunch (12:30pm)
Roasted Vegetable Chili with Seitan and blue corn tortilla chips and nooch for topping

This is what I originally made the seitan for. All I did was exchange a few of the spices in Elise’s recipe for chili type spices and it worked perfectly!

Recipe coming soon!

Afternoon Snack (3:30pm)
My first Tango apple…I’m definitely a fan!

*Insert two hour nap INSTEAD of my plans for working out*

It didn’t take long for the hunger bug to bite (what is it about waking up that makes you so hungry?) so I gathered up a few ingredients to whip up a quick dinner:


a handful of chopped seitan


Dinner (7:00pm)

I promise there’s spaghetti squash in there somewhere 😉

And now I’m thinking a repeat of last week’s “dessert” is in order. Funny how my day started AND ended with me sipping from a mug the size of my face!

Water count:
Camelbak x 5 = 80 ounces of high quality H2O!

Have you ever tried seitan?

Are you a napper or a go-to-bed-a-little-earlier kind of person?

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