Flashback Friday: California Randomness

Happy Friday my friends!

So a few pics seemed to sneak their way out of the California Friday posts and since it’s been a looooooong week, I feel I deserve to indulge myself in a little flashing back to WARM, sunny days, airplane rides, and pirate sightings!

My favorite of all the “in-flight” photos

Snacks on a plane!

Not quite as shocking as snakes…until you look at the ingredients in those cheese nips! πŸ˜‰

I have no idea what’s with the face, but I can’t help but laugh!

Behold the wall of kombucha…

And I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing the grape flavor! πŸ™

Boardwalk birdies…the one on the left was practicing his “tree pose” πŸ˜‰

And well, what’s life without taking a few chances…like possibly getting your head pecked off my a mammoth-sized pelican!

Local avocado honey at a roadside veggie stand

Posing with Captain Hook

I asked for his autograph, but he had a hard time with the pen! πŸ˜‰

An entire store in San Fran dedicated to those creepy Russian dolls
(I was too afraid to go in…so many little eyes!!)

The “underwater” bathroom at The Blue Mermaid

Yes I took a picture of a public restroom, but c’mon, LOOK at it…it’s gorgeous!

And just because it couldn’t hurt to see that glorious meal again…

Oh how I wish I could blink myself back there right now and sink my teeth into those parmesan crusted scallops again!

Ahh, that’s better…great way to end a week!

And now…for bed…at 9:00pm…because I’m just that hardcore!

Any weekend plans for Halloween?
A friend and I are thinking about going out…still up in the air since we decided last minute and have to see about things going on around town.

What are you dressing up for this Halloween? If not this year, what was your favorite costume in the past?
If I end up going out, I’ll probably cruise on down to the thrift store for some costume inspiration…or break out the school girl costume from a few years ago! πŸ˜‰

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