Things Up to Thursday

Hey boos!

So, by the looks of the comments on yesterday’s post, not a single person celebrated National Fro-Yo Day with me?!

Well, as long as you’re not vegan, you BETTER be celebrating this weekend:

I’m trying my best, but I just can’t eat enough for all of you 😉

Oh yeah…that would be THREE different cups of fro-yo…all with different flavors and toppings…ALL eaten within the last week!

Now quit licking your computer screen and go get some of your own!

So howabout a Thursday Things post?…a “catch up” post if you will to let you guys see a little from my week so far.

Here are just a few of the things that have gotten me through this week and will hopefully continue on for one more day…who’s ready for Friday?! I know I am!

Running with Broccoli…

…Babe, that is! 😉

BB and I went on our first long run together Sunday afternoon and it was great!

Thankfully he slowed down his pace a little for me (I still can’t believe an 8 minute mile is a SLOW pace for him!). The weather was a little cold (see the chill bumps?) that day, but having someone to run with definitely takes your mind off things. It reminded me how much I enjoy running with a partner.

Proven fact: good conversation makes the miles FLY by!

Random Humor

I stumbled upon this T-shirt on Tuesday in the hospital gift shop and just HAD to take a pic!

Corny puns are my favorite!

A Mid-Week Date Night

BB and I went out last night to one of my favorite places in our little town called The Blackhorse…it’s a local brewery with some of THE BEST pizza I’ve ever had!

We ended up getting a beer a piece (vanilla cream ale for me and a red ale for BB), beer-cheese dip and chips, and

“The Tunisian”: Garlic butter, honey and curry topped with roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, red onion, mozzarella & provolone


And what was even better was having enough leftover pizza today for lunch along with my delicious fruit-topped salad:

Salad Switch-Up

Spinach topped with oranges, dried cranberries and almonds..can’t believe I haven’t thought of this combo before!

Unfortunately, after a week of fun running, beaver humor, pizza, beer, and salads,

THIS is how today looked after I got home from work:

Womp womp! 🙁

Ever feel like you get blindsided by a cold/sinus/whatever-the-heck-is-going-on-with-my-body-causing-me-not-to-breathe-normally thing?

Well, such is the case with this.

And that is where “The Boyfriend” comes in to play:

I’d say in about an hour, I’m going to be face-plantingslurping…daintily consuming a warm bowl of chicken and dumplin’s!

Here’s the recipe I found for BB to use…hope it turns out well!

And now, to finish lounging on the couch until my dinner appears in front of me! 😉

Yeah, you know those women who have a hard time allowing men to take care of them? Well trust me, you CAN be an independent woman AND eat your chicken and dumplin’s too!

Quick! What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think comfort food?

What is your favorite fruit to add to a salad?

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7 Responses to Things Up to Thursday

  1. I celebrated!!! 😀 I hope you feel better soon. I think of soup and grilled cheese 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ahh, FINALLY! I should have known I could count on you to be my fellow fro-yo celebrator! 😉

      So weird, I really wanted a grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner tonight, but then I realized I’m out of bread…tomorrow for sure!

  2. that is SO sweet of him to make you dinner!!!! I’m sorry you’re feeling sick 🙁 That’s no fun! I hope it disappears as quickly as it came!

    At least you got lots of fro-yo this week! I haven’t had my fix yet for the week so I’m hoping to get some this weekend! 🙂

  3. Beaver humor *snicker*

    Sorry you’re feeling icky, but so glad you’ve got a hot man to take care of you and make you dinner! That really is the best, isn’t it?? 🙂

  4. Don’t you hate it how men are just born to run fast whereas we have to actually work at it? No fair! 😛

    I’ve totally made that salad combination of oranges, cranberries and almonds before and I love it! It tastes even better if you toast the almonds a bit.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well girl. 🙁 But um can I just say that if there was a best BF of the year award, BB would totally win? He sure knows how to take care of a girl!

  5. um yeah. I think you’ve officially gotten more froyo action than I’ve gotten in the past year. I need to get ON that! It’s so darn expensive in London though. Although there IS a self serve place down the road I’ve been meaning to hit up.
    Don’t be ill!! Think of the nice vanilla ale (yum!) I’ve tried chocolate before but it didn’t taste of it.
    It is just the cutest and most lovely thing that BB makes dinner for you. What a great relationship you guys have 🙂
    I love putting apples in salad. My grandfather does it- only when he chews it is SO LOUD!

  6. I wish I could convince Tony to try to run with me. Maybe I can sweet talk him soon.

    Chicken and dumpling is a good call on the comfort food. Rice pudding and scrambled eggs are always my go to sick meal here. It’s just always what the sick person asks for.

    I’m a no fruit in my salad kind of gal. It sounds good, but I don’t like mixing sweet and savory like that.

    Please enjoy a little extra fro yo for me! Please…

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