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This Really Burns My Toast

What do you think? I keep things pretty upbeat…pretty positive here on the blog, right? Well then, how about a little timeout…a┬áchance for me to rant a little bit? I think I’m entitled to a good rant every once in … Continue reading

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Happy Pancake Day!

To all my American peeps out there who may not have heard yet… It’s Pancake Day over in the UK! *pause to acknowledge my clever use of rhyming before 7am* Also known as Shrove Tuesday…or the day before Lent. (for … Continue reading

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Things Up to Thursday

Hey boos! So, by the looks of the comments on yesterday’s post, not a single person celebrated National Fro-Yo Day with me?! Well, as long as you’re not vegan, you BETTER be celebrating this weekend: I’m trying my best, but … Continue reading

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