Take Me To Tupperville

I hope you guys had a fantastic Easter Sunday!

After I finished caressing all my jars of nut butter, promising never to abandon them again, BB and I met my family at my grandmother’s house in Nashville for a picture perfect plate of comfort food!

I provided the steamed asparagus and (mandatory, as far as I’m concerned) deviled eggs!

But you know what the best part is?


There wasn’t much food left after my family nibbled and noshed through the afternoon, but I did manage to smuggle a ziploc bag of ham home with me!

Once I got home with my ham haul, I felt a spark…

Let me just say right now that I am the world’s WORST at planning ahead for mealtimes…mixing up a batch of overnight oats before bed (ok, usually I’m already in bed when I think about it and have to get up) is as far as it goes with me. Which is why I can’t understand how I INSIST on buying a bag of dried beans nearly every time I go to the store thinking,

“I’m gonna switch to dried beans…no more canned ones for me”

Fast forward a week or so after I’ve looooong forgotten about that bag of beans and run to the store to stock up on Kroger’s organic low-sodium cans.

So about that spark…

All in just under an hour, sweet potatoes were roasted, rice was cooked, fruits and vegetables were sliced, dips were mixed…

And then I had a little tupperware city in the middle of my fridge:

I shall call it Tupperville! 😉

Oh and I also roasted up those golden beets I picked up forever ago from the farmer’s market.

Aren’t they gorgeous?…like little slices of sunshine!

Who know’s, maybe after more than a year of reading this girl’s blog, something finally rubbed off on me…I think we could ALL take a few lessons from Elise…

So, where are those beans, you ask?

Hush your mouth…we’re taking baby steps here, people!

When I got up this morning, I realized that I didn’t have to rush around the kitchen trying to figure out what to pack for lunch while throwing back chugs of coffee and bites of breakfast. I actually had time to sit down for an extra 20 minutes and savor my coffee and my meal and I have to say…

I could get used to this!

Do you use the weekend to prep for meals during the week or do you wing it?

What was the best thing you ate for Easter?

PS, Keep those entries coming for a chance to score a FREE case of Chobani! You have until Thursday night (11:59 CST) to enter!
Just remember, I need a SEPARATE comment for each entry for it to count!

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