Flowers, Fish, and Snakes…Oh My!

Hey guys!

So, it sounds like you all are a lemon-loving bunch! Thank you for all the comments on the Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes from yesterday…I just wish I could take credit for such deliciousness!

I can’t wait to finish up my review of the other nu new NuNaturals product, their orange-flavored stevia, so I can get a chance to share some with you guys! Notice I used the term “guyS”

That’s right, there will be a chance for not one, not two, but FOUR winners on this giveaway! Yay for free stuff! 😉

I know, I know…I’m hurrying!

Anywho, how about that post title? I thought it seemed appropriate after yesterday’s Wizard of Oz reference…believe me, I’m trying hard to resist the urge to belt out “Over the Rainbow” right now!

So while I could have been in the kitchen all day yesterday, plotting delicious plans with my stevia products, I chose to spend the day in the great outdoors, exploring with BB. We left the ever sexy Mistress of the Road at home, and decided to take BB’s baby out for a little fun instead:

Sadly, she was nameless until yesterday when I dubbed her:

Regina the Ranger!

Her middle name is 4×4 for those interested! 😉

It was a cool and windy day yesterday, so most of our adventure was of the off-roading, jolt-the-spine-out-of-your-back variety, but Fern did a pretty good job of navigating us over hills and through ditches to find some hidden gems.

And of course, I have photo documentation:

The purple flowers are Wisteria…and after smelling them for the first time yesterday, I’ve decided I want to plant like TWENTY of them in my backyard!

After a while of jumping in and out of the truck/hanging the camera out the window to get some shots of all the scenery, we came across a man-made beach and decided to get out and walk around.

Luckily, the clouds decided to part around that time, so we had a few warm minutes in the sun. We found a man-made beach and explored a bit right at the shoreline:

See that little guy at the top right? That’s a skeleton of an Alligator Gar…but just a wee one as it isn’t uncommon to see them get to 6.5 FEET in length!

Just a little bit of fish trivia for ya…BB is FULL of fun little facts about nature and wildlife  and I’ve realized the more I hang out with him, the more it rubs off on me.

So keep us in mind if you ever need a lifeline or anything! 😉

Of course, like many of our nature outings, I get click happy and take about 500 pictures of plants and flowers, while BB goes on a hunt for wildlife.

Remember that time he caught a rattlesnake?

Well, it seems I’m dating a regular Steve Irwin:

And in BB’s impromptu nature show, we have:

1. A stinkpot turtle…believe me, he has that name for a reason…stiiiiiiinky!

2. A diamondback water snake …don’t worry, he’s not venomous!

3. And a crawfish (or crawdad, or crayfish…to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to)

After a small presentation of each followed by a question and answer period, BB was patient with me as I asked him, “will it bite me?” before I petted each animal…

Unfortunately there were no stickers, candy, or balloon animals.

Obviously, BB needs to up his game if he ever plans on making a living out of this. Luckily, he was able to win me over with a little hand holding…

And the promise of a good meal!

Once we got back to Casa de Broccoli, I roasted up some MUTANT brussel sprouts (seriously, these things deserve their own zip code!) while he got to work on grilling up some swordfish!

At the last minute, we decided on some baked sweet potatoes too!

Mmm, mmm, MMMMM!

Yeah, I’d say he definitely has a future in the nature business…The Discovery Channel doesn’t even know what they’re missing! 😉

Did you have any outdoor OR culinary adventures this weekend?

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