Hey boos!

And happy What I Ate Wednesday…the time where we all get together and share the bites of deliciousness that get us through the day! As always, I want to give a big shout out to my girl Jenn for hosting this little shindig each and every week! Be sure to stop by Peas & Crayons and leave her some love!

So let’s get this party started, shall we?

I usually like to have some sort of theme to my WIAW posts…I don’t always plan for it, but most of the time, I can find some common ground in my day’s eats. This week’s theme?

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Sometimes you just have to appreciate the simple things in life and that includes simple (and delicious) eats!

I’m super proud of myself for continuing with the early morning workouts this week…I can already feel it becoming easier to get up as it becomes more of a habit with each day. I actually got straight out of bed this morning without a second thought. Guess I was just ready for that endorphin rush!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I know I get my morning “candy” if I get out of bed on time! 😉

A deliciously energizing dried date

After a great Back & Bi’s workout at the gym, I could NOT wait to get home and fix some breakfast!

A bowl of hot vanilla protein oats topped with grilled bananas and a cup (okay, two cups) of black coffee!

A bowl of carrots to be dipped in some creamy sunbutter

Next to carrots dipped in coconut peanut butter, sunbutter is my FAVE!

A few hours later it was time for lunch…and man, was I craving my leftovers!

1/2 of my grilled swordfish fillet and a TON of roasted brussel sprouts…yum!

To tide me over until dinner, I grabbed up an apple…it was good, but I’m definitely missing my glorious honeycrisps right about now! 🙁

Gala apple straight up!

Then I got to work on dinner. I made a special trip to the store on my way home from work so that I could restock my veggie stash, but more importantly, so I could grab some chicken. I have been craving a grilled chicken breast for WEEKS now and finally satisfied that craving…

Grilled chicken breast, steamed green beans, and roasted fingerling potatoes drizzled with a bit of ketchup

This plate was full of EXACTLY what I was wanting and it was SO filling! Actually, I was  a bit surprised when I started to get hungry just before bed. I decided to go with a light snack inspired by this week’s Pancake Sunday.

Lowfat cottage cheese with NuNaturals lemon stevia and poppy seeds and a few juicy strawberries!

How did/do YOU plan to keep it simple today?

What is your favorite thing to dip a carrot in?

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