Thursday Things and an Egg Epiphany

Happy Thursday friends!

Wow, you guys REALLY want to win some Simply Bars! My Twitter feed has been blowing up with all your entries and I couldn’t love it any more!

Keep ’em coming! You have until Sunday to enter! 🙂

But besides all the excitement I feel from you guys, there have been some other things I couldn’t love more this week…

Yep, it’s time for another round of Thursday Things!

First up…


But more specifically, the drool-inducing PB&J and Muddy Buddy Brownie flavors! I put in an order with Lindsay a few weeks ago so I could finally get my hands on some of the most talked about balls in blog world. She was kind enough to put together a smattering of flavors so I wouldn’t have to chose (because frankly, that’s the hardest part) and out of the five flavors I received, these two are my absolute FAVORITE!

I swear the PB&J tastes JUST LIKE a sandwich…no fake peanut butter flavor at all! And the Muddy Buddy? Yeah, it’s pretty much laced with CRACK!

 If you haven’t tried Healthy Bites, you are SURELY missing out, but luckily there is a remedy for that problem! Just email Lindsay: and get your balls on…I mean, put some balls in your mouth…I mean, oh forget it! 😉


Love love LOVE these two new Essie colors I picked up a few weeks ago!

Light green = Navigate Her
Darker Green = Mojito Madness 

And yes, I think I’m now officially addicted to painting my nails. Kinda funny since over a year ago, I hated the look of polish on my hands!


Oh my gosh y’all (yes, I said y’all)…I am beyond in LOVE with these two supplements! The casein protein has already made an appearance on the blog, but the superfood powder, I just tried the other day and was seriously impressed by the natural berry flavor (no weird aftertaste or anything).

Then it took me all of about 2.2 seconds to come up with my new FAVORITE combo:

Berrific Protein Bowl: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 scoop casein whey, 1 scoop berry superfood powder all mixed up and topped with fresh fruit! 

It’s also really good with bananas, but I ran out…so today, it was bloobies! 😉

And speaking of brilliance ;)…

I’m sure you guys are probably wondering what the heck an egg epiphany is. Well, allow me to introduce you:


While mixing up an egg & veggie scramble for lunch today, I reached inside the fridge for my favorite jar of salsa and realized it was just about out. While it sat on the counter awaiting it’s eggy destiny, it dawned on my that I didn’t have to painstakingly scrape each and every last micro-ounce of tomato/pepper/onion deliciousness OUT of the jar when I could just put my scramble IN the jar!

I know, I know…sometimes it hurts to be such a genius! 😉

I made my meal complete with a multigrain Wasa cracker sch-meared with creamy peanut butter and topped with TJ’s chocolate coffee bean grinder…not exactly genius, but definitely delicious…and too pretty of a pic not to share! 😉

Any delicious epiphanies for you lately?
I’m always up for new flavor combos…like this one I got from IG today:
Somebody asked if I had topped my PB with salt and pepper.
Now THAT is something to try!

What are YOUR Thursday Things this week?

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