WIAW: Get it While it’s FRESH!

 Hey guys!

Can you believe it’s already the LAST week of August?

Which means it’s also the last week of our “Summer Staples” theme for
What I Ate Wednesday! 🙁

Be sure to hop on over to Peas & Crayons and show Jenn a little LOVE…not only is she our hostess with the most-ess but she’s ALSO throwing our little shindig in the midst of her hubby JUST getting back from deployment!

Welcome home Paul!

I don’t know about you guys, but with summer’s end getting closer day by day, I’ve felt myself LOADING UP on every bit of summer produce I can possibly get my hands on! Even with the promise of apple and pumpkin season right around the corner, I have to admit I’m going to miss my all of my summer staples.

But enough of the pining over produce….et’s get this party started, shall we?

I rolled out of bed in the wee hour of 2pm NSZT (night-shift zombie time) and headed straight toward the coffee maker…

You know, ’cause that’s where I keep my Fitmixer! 😉

I still can’t believe it’s been a MONTH since I’ve had one cup of coffee. I’ve always said I would never give it up because I love the taste, but I haven’t even had a craving for it in weeks!

After hitting the gym, I had a little appetizer before I got started on lunch:

Vegan Bacon Date Roll straight from the fridge and oh so delicious with it’s perfect sweet and salty combo!

Definitely hit the spot and held me over long enough so I could prep this masterpiece:

It’s been TOO long since I’ve made an Egg White Breakfast Pizza!

Loaded UP with fresh summer veggies!

Jalapenos, tomatoes and peppers oh my! 😀

After lunch, I got started on dinner prep. I knew exactly what I wanted and knew it would take a bit of time to put everything together…

Oh yeah, look who’s the spring roll MASTER! 

When I picked up the package of spring rolls at the Asian market a few weeks ago, I honestly thought this would be a REAL challenge for me, but I’m telling you guys, it was a CINCH!

Stuffed with avocado, sprouts, tofu, carrots, and pickled ginger with a super easy spicy peanut sauce (2 T peanut flour + 3 T water + 1/2 tsp Bragg’s liquid aminos + 1 tsp sriracha)


Snackage for the rest of the night included a perfectly juicy peach:

And a not so perfectly tasting Greek yogurt:

Never again, Kroger, will you lure me in with your enticing flavors!

I tasted no cranberry, no fig…just sugar…with a sandy texture! Ick!

And surprisingly, after a CAAAAAA-RAZY 10 hour shift at the hospital, (maybe it was the sugar high from the yogurt) I came home and whipped up this beauty:

Mint Chocolate Chip Parfait anyone?

Recipe coming tomorrow!

Have you ever made your own spring rolls?

What summer staples are you trying to squeeze in before the season’s end?

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