Un-plugged & Marvelous

Happy Monday friends!

So, I just looked over the entries for KMB’s birthday giveaway and…WOW! You guys have some SERIOUSLY amazing highlights from the year! If you have a chance and maybe need a little something to boost your mood, just go ahead and take a scroll through the comment section!

And I also want to thank you guys SO much for all the KMB birthday wishes! It really warms my heart to know how much you really care.


Ok, all sappiness aside (sorry I’m not sorry), how was everyone’s weekend?


If it was, join Katie and all of us MIMM-ers in celebrating!

My weekend was FULL of marvelousness…starting with the fact that once I hit publish on Friday’s post, I had two whole days of blog-free life. Not that I don’t love blogging (or that I have any intention of leaving), but you know, sometimes you just gotta step away from the computer and just…LIVE!

First bit of LIVING I did, which I have absolutely NO pictures of…

I met a friend in Nashville and tried a new-to-me restaurant called The Yellow Porch and I loved EVERYTHING about it…from the decor, to the wine list, to what I FINALLY decided to order off the amazing menu:

Use your imagination…then add about 5x the amount of drool! 

He went with one of the specials…grilled steak with the most amazing whipped mashed potatoes and sauteed spaghetti squash (yes, I totally stole a bite or two!)

And if dinner wasn’t enough, we stopped by The Fresh Market afterward for some of their bakery’s finest gourmet cupcakes…Boston Cream Pie for him and Pumpkin Spice for me (both delicious, but sadly his was better!)

Saturday was more of a low key day…

BEFORE I ended up getting called in to work at the hospital (womp womp), I made the most out of the morning/afternoon…

With kitty cuddles…

An iTunes overhaul, a new HUGE workout playlist and…


BB and I met at Fujiyama (my new favorite sushi place) and had quite a lunch feast…we started with miso soup and an appetizer of grilled squid which was cooked to PERFECTION and drizzled in a sweet teriyaki glaze and then we ordered two large rolls to share…

The Broadway Roll
In: Spicy tuna, snow crab, avocado Out: Spicy crab, white tuna, masago

Golden Salmon Roll
In: Spicy salmon, avocado, spicy crab Out: salmon, mango, chef sauce

Since it was back to the grindstone on Saturday night, Sunday only left room to head to the gym (and workout to my new playlist :D) and stop by the grocery store for a few things for the week…

But boy did I find the DEALS!

I may or may not have come home with THREE things of figs while still considering going back for more! 😉

And on the way home, I relished in my money-saving glory while hanging my head arm out the window and enjoying some unseasonable but VERY welcome warm weather!

I’m sorry, but I am NOT dreaming of a white Christmas (or any other days for that matter) so if mother nature feels the need to have near 70 degree weather in Tennessee for the first week of December,



What was marvelous about YOUR weekend?

When was the last time you un-plugged? 

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