Salad Cereal

Say whaaa?

Here, allow me to (try to) explain my strangeness…

Farmers Market Haul

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was managing to come home each weekend with just the right amount from the farmers market to get me through the week…
you know, for all my salacious salads.

Veggie Kabobs

But then the man-friend just HAD to start cooking up some glorious food, sending me home with a gazillion leftovers…I know, such a travesty 😉

Farmers MarketSo there I was, with a crisper drawer full of fresh summer produce slowly dying in front of my…which IS a travesty! While I absolutely LOVE my salads and have been enjoying one everySINGLEday, there are only so many you can put away in one week before your inner compulsions start to come alive again…

Cereal Killer Spoon

Fifty Shades of cereal? 😉

Zucchini Cereal

Monday there was zucchini cereal.

Carrot Cereal

Tuesday…carrot cereal.

Beet Cereal

Wednesday…beet cereal.

Salad Cereal

And finally, Thursday…the (what the hell) SALAD cereal!

Now before you guys start turning up your noses and checking the phone book for mental health treatment facilities (wait, do people even still use phone books?), hear me out! For one thing, I only used mild-flavored veggies…really the only flavor that came through was from the beets…AND under my Blend-iful cereal lies this baby…

Toasted Coconut Yogurt

Which could in fact make a stick taste good!

Don’t worry…I haven’t gone THAT far…yet! 😉

Salad Cereal with Cinnamon

And of course there was a dash of cinnamon involved! 😉

Strange But Good S2TT

You’re scrunching up your face, aren’t you? Fine, judge me all you want…I don’t care! If you need me, I’ll be hangin’ with my other weird foodies over at Laura’s house blog…where she just happened to get a little strange with veggies TOO!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten lately?

Any big plans for the weekend?

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