Week In Review: Cleveland Shenangians

Happy Monday, punkins! 

Wow-wee do you guys know how to make a girl feel good! I had a feeling yesterday’s pancakes would get a warm welcome, but I was totally BLOWN AWAY by all the comments AND Instagram posts of all the people whipping up their own Peanut Butter Pumpkin ‘cakes…I only hope they were singing my song while waiting to flip! 😉

But before there were pancakes, before there was a weekend, there was a week. A week with this wonderful woman…

Meghan & Me

You guys know Meghan, right?

If not, you need to do yourself a favor and hop on over to Clean Eats Fast Feets and remedy that ASAP! I’ve been reading Meg’s blog for over a year now and while I can’t remember exactly how I found her, I DO know why I keep coming back…with her sneaky sense of humor, her sailor mouth, and her undying love of all things cheese, she’s basically ME…only shorter, blonder, and really good at math! 😉

The man-friend had some work to do in Cleveland for a few days last week, so Meg and I made plans to hang out while he was busy and this is how it all went down…


Morning mimosa!

Eggs & Potatoes

Breakfast ala Meghan

Perfectly fried egg with a side of fresh strawberries, parmesan potatoes and sundried tomato bread from…

The Breadsmith

Carboholics Anonymous

Aka The Breadsmith where I nabbed myself a loaf of the famous Granola Bread!

Angelo's Pizza

Pizza Date!

And a #strangebutgood menu item: BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple, banana peppers, and wait for it….CINNAMON! As soon as I spotted it, I knew it had to be mine and it was so good!

Public Banaba#publicbanana

Obviously, it was a bit awkward…that first time usually is though! 😉

West Side Market 1

Foodie Heaven…

West Side Market 2

Aka West Side Market

Seriously one of the biggest farmers’ markets I’ve ever seen! It reminded me a lot of the Soulard Farmers’ Market I visited in St. Louis!


Fun find

Blueberry Grilled Cheese


I finally got my blueberry grilled cheese…and it only took MONTHS of begging! 😉

Cleveland Skyline


Cleveland Lake

Walk by the lake

Pancakes & Mimosa

Morning mimosa take TWO!

Orange Coconut Pancakes

Breakfast ala ME!

Recipe coming as soon after I tweak the ingredients just a bit, but I will say they are…

Max & Pancake

Food thievable! 😉

Sadly, our time together was cut a bit short once the man-friend found out he had to be back for work in Tennessee a day earlier than planned, but we made the most out of it! There were lots of laughs, long talks, mini blogging 101 sessions, kitchen dance parties, and of course…

Me & Meghan

All around shenanigans!

Arman, that bottom left pic was just for you! 😉

So do me a favor and go see my girl! And if you can’t manage to find a car, plane, boat, or purple unicycle to get all the way to the Great Lakes, how about just hopping on over and checking out her weekly link up?


Or even better, JOIN in on the fun! 😀

What was the most exciting thing from your week/weekend?

Where did you last travel to and what did you do?

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