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Pumpkin Protein Ice Cream

That’s right… You HEARD me! It’s fine if you want to pull my crazy card on this one, but I’m not going down alone! I’m pushing good ol’ Mother Nature out in front this time! I mean, seriously…what the heck … Continue reading

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Smiling Out Loud

So it’s Thursday…finally! Ever had one of those weeks that just seems to draaaaaaaaaag on by? I swear I’ve lived through two weeks since Saturday! While I’d really rather not get into the reason why my  shitty weekend seems to … Continue reading

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Ta-Ta-Ta-Tasty Tuesday!

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! 😉 A few months ago, the people over at Tasty Bite contacted me about trying some of their  all-natural vegan and vegetarian entrees. I’d seen a few of the packages in stores here and … Continue reading

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