Let’s “B” Marvelous!

Happy Monday, loves!

Did everyone have a good weekend? I have to admit, before I took a minute to think about it, I would’ve said these past few days were just sort of ho-hum, but thanks to the lovely Diva and her wonderful way of welcoming in a new week, I was able to pick out  more than a few marvelous BRIGHT moments…and I even have a THEME!

Emma's Birthday Cupcakes

Starting with the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend, celebrating my cousin Emma’s NINTH BIRTHDAY…with her cute little BEAR cupcakes! Ugh, I feel so old! I still remember when she was just a tiny little BABE and she fit in one arm!

Emma's Birthday

And now she is a little lady with an eye for pink, an earring collection that rivals my own, and a penchant for kicking arse in Mario BROTHERS!

Body Pump

Speaking of kicking arse, I’ve been back in my BELOVED BODY Pump regularly for almost a month now…and last week, I even went TWICE! Yeah, just enough time to get rid of my DOMS and I was BACK for more! Has anyone else done the newest release?

This song (from the ab track) has BEEN in my head for two weeks…

♫ BABY I’m on my knees! ♫

Gym Selfie

I think I’m finally getting my groove BACK with my workouts. My knee’s been cooperating, I can almost sit on my feet again, I can feel BABY muscles starting to grow and the BEST part? my weight is starting BALANCE out!

Gym Selfie 2

Now let’s just hope I don’t lose my BOOTYBECAUSE that would eliminate about 50% of the selfies I take, wouldn’t it? 😉

Pumpkin Persimmon Oats & Yogurt

Oh and look, I actually took a picture my BREAKFAST this weekend! BUT umm, how am I only NOW realizing that pumpkin and persimmon are awesome together…with my LAST FREAKIN PERSIMMON?! If I had known, maybe I would have taken the extra effort to BREAK out the BIG camera instead of subjecting you to this BAD iPhone pic!

Photography TipsAnd SPEAKING of pictures, I just want to say that I am SO glad you guys liked my photography post from last week! I really wanted to make it more about the food and the fun instead of BORING camera talk since those kind of posts usually make my eyes glaze over and my BRAIN hurt!

While I would have loved to practice a few tips myself, the insomnia devils struck hard this weekend and I was pretty much asleep for every ounce of daylight, but I DID manage to meet up with some friends for pizza and BEER AND I ended up getting so sucked into that BOOK I mentioned on Friday that I finished it…
in TWO DAYS! 😀

MIMMSo maybe all that marvelousness can distract me from wanting to kill a certain landBEAVER for BREAKING my heart yesterday!

What made your weekend BLISSFUL?

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