Will Work for Wine!


I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! Mine was full of a little of this and a little of that, but the highlight? The most MARVELOUS part was most definitely getting together with the besties for A Toast to Tennessee Wine Festival on Saturday!

Wine Fest - Besties

We got all gussied up and made the trek to Nashville for a day of fun in the sun that started with wine glasses hanging from our necks (seriously, whose brilliant idea was THAT?!). The event was held at Nashville Shores waterpark and with over TWENTY Tennessee wineries represented, we knew it wouldn’t be long before…well, I’m sure you can guess! 😉

Wine Fest - Toast to Tennessee 2014

Wine Fest - Me & Cheryl 1

Wine Fest - Me & Sherri

Our sweet, angelic PRE-buzz faces!

Wine Fest - SamplesWhat goes well with wine? Cheese and crackers of course…even better when they’re FREE (samples)!

Wine Fest - Wine on Tap

Yup, totally need one of these at my house!

Wine Fest - Drink Up BitchesWine Fest - Besties Selfie

This was right after we found the tent serving up the “healthy” pours…and then proceeded to taste everything they had on the table! 😉

French Fries & Wine

Break for food!

French Fries

My French fries were obviously so good they deserved a close up! 😆

Wine Fest - Selfie

Wine Fest - Besties Dancing

And what happens when you get a bunch of winos together and a DJ puts on The Cha Cha Slide? Yeah, you better BELIEVE I was right there next to those girls after I stopped long enough to secure some future blackmail snap a picture! 😉

For the record, we DID have a DD (thanks Ms. D for putting up with all our crazy drunken antics!) and also for the record, we are already planning our trip for next year! Oh and check it out, I actually practiced some restraint with my “souvenirs”…

Wine Coasters

Wine Fest - Wine

Let’s just hope the Cajunfest is as good as I “remember” it being 30 minutes before we closed down the park! Lol

The day was absolutely perfect…warm and sunny with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool while we were shaking our groove thangs! So many laughs and even MORE memories made with my two favoritest women in the whole world! This is seriously going down as one of the best days EVER!

Oh and I just have to share one more little snippet from the day. A conversation bestie #1 (the blonde) had with a complete stranger:

Bestie: “Oh wow, I really love your dress!”
Stranger: “Oh, thank you!”
Bestie: “I’d totally get one of those if I had the boobs to fill it out.”
Stranger: “Oh, well, /mine are fake”
Bestie: “Seriously?! But they look SO real!”
Stranger: “You bet! Wanna feel?”

And the rest folks, is Facebook friend history! 😆

Have you ever been to a wine festival?

When was the last time you boogied down? 😉

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