Gobble Gobble annnnnnd GO!

Holeeeeeeeeey SHIT!

How’s that for an intro? But seriously…how have we come to the week OF Thanksgiving already?! I swear all last week I kept thinking that I still had two more weeks. Two more weeks to stalk the interwebs, search for new and delicious recipes, overwhelm myself with ALL THE PINS, and then end up…

Making the same damn thing I always make! ūüėČ

Though I’m bound and determined to impress my mom with something Brussels sproutsy this year, I’ve yet to decide just what I’m going to do with the little green bastards…besides get them all nice and cozy with some bacon. Yeah, I went there. #baconmakeseverythingbetter #truth #maybethis?

Brussel Sprouts - Thanksgiving 2011

Or maybe I’ll just repeat these from a few years ago and ADD BACON! ūüėÄ

Anyhoodles, while I frantically run around the house and the grocery store during the next few days, scrambling to gather all my ingredients and whatnot, I figured there may be just a few of you out there who are total procrastinators like me and could use a few ideas. So, I present you with:

The things I KNOW will be on the Thanksgiving table this year:

First, we will be serving these parmesean-crusted chicken breasts¬† in lieu of turkey since we all work crazy hours this year…only with¬†about half the¬†mayo because, well Jesus, we don’t need to make a friggin slip ‘n’ slide out of our digestive tracts, do we?

There will also be the standard American stuffing. As in the stovetop variety. As in comes the out-of-a-box-just-add-water variety. Don’t judge. My family¬†just chooses not to entertain my whims of fancy pantsy¬†recipes since I ruined it all when I made this one four years ago and forgot to remove the foil. Soggy herbed bread, anyone?

Next, we will be having deviled eggs. Because we do not discriminate against our holidays.¬†Nope, these little beauties make¬†a year-round appearence at ALL family foodie¬†gatherings. The ONLY question will be which eggs to make…

Angelic Deviled Eggs 1

Angelic Deviled Eggs¬†or…

Herbed Ricotta Deviled Eggs 1

Herbed Ricotta Deviled Eggs…?

Or maybe¬†I’ll just¬†whip up another little twist this year. Maybe sneak some hummus in on my dad. Muahaha! But seriously, you can do practically anything with them.

As for the rest of the table, there will be…

Candied Sweet Potatoes

My mom’s FAMOUS candied sweet potatoes

Recipe: Sweet potatoes + sugar + water + sugar and more sugar! ūüėČ

Dad’s INFAMOUS cranberry “sauce” <- *shudder*

Boozy Cranberry Pomegranate Sauce  www.kissmybroccoliblog.com

And finally, my BOOZY variation¬†that I created last year. My mom has only managed to ask me THREE times if I’m making it this year. Ha!

For dessert, we’re trying to keep it small…

Fruit Salad

As in our standard fruit salad the size of a SMALL child.

THE pumpkin pie that Tori will be whipping up.

And the pecan pie that will definitely get some brownie points this year! I’m not really much of a pie person and pecan is probably the LAST one I’d touch (unless it’s in pancake form), but I¬†have this thing about baking¬†pies. It’s so cathartic to simply follow a recipe. And well, I’ll have plenty of chocolate chips and pretzels to snack on throughout the process, won’t I? ūüėČ

What dish are you looking forward to most for Thanksgiving?

What do you plan on making?

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