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Thinking Out Loud: Failing & Sailing

I think we all learned our lesson last week…Thursdays and intros do not mix! So instead of taking up 75 words to ask you how the weather’s been which leads to me salivating over imaginary handfuls of buttered popcorn jelly beans, how … Continue reading

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Me time… Much more needed than realized and made complete with plenty of sleep and siestas and savasanas! 😀 Advancing in Yoga… After over a WEEK away from my band of koolaid-drinking hippies, I seriously had to hug the instructor … Continue reading

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Vegan Sweet PEA Smoothie

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with something a bit more unusual than green beer! This protein-packed vegan smoothie is FULL of sweet flavor with a touch of mint and you’d never guess it has two servings of vegetables! Happy St. PEA-trick’s … Continue reading

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