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You Mocha Me Crazy!

Yesterday I did some exploring around town. I found the cutest little shop selling antiques, crafts, and other fun thrifty items. One of those items…handmade, mocha latte…SOAP?? I picked it up. I took a whiff. It smelled like pure Heaven. … Continue reading

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What is the last craving you had? Pizza…? Chocolate…? Ice Cream…? Pancakes? 😉 Did you honor it? Or did you tell yourself you knew better? I’ve always had a hard time “honoring” my cravings…most of the time I just don’t … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Happy Easter my little bunnies! Seriously? You HAD to know this was coming… After FORTY days of a nut/seed/cookie butter-less life, I was awake for a total of 5 minutes this morning before I had my first taste… The sweet taste … Continue reading

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