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That Week I Went MIA

Hey there, my little punkins! Wait, can I call you punkins in the middle of June…sugar pies?? Does adding a term of endearment make up for the fact that I totally disappeared on you last week? To be perfectly honest, I … Continue reading

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Moving Forward By Going Back

It’s been over a week now since the 21 Day Intuitive Eating challenge ended. I changed a LOT in 21 days. Because I had a jumpstart into my intuitive eating journey, I was worried that I would be too “advanced” … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the F-Word

Today marks the halfway point in the IE Challenge.  My mind is reeling. I’ve been trying for DAYS to get my thoughts together so they all make sense, but it’s not really working. I’ve written stuff out. I’ve crumbled stuff … Continue reading

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