Hello friends!

Thank you SO much for all the sweet comments on yesterday’s S’mores Banana Pancakes…definitely one of my proudest recipe/photo posts to date!

There’s been some “goings on” around here lately that I really want to share with you guys! So without any fancy segue or la-de-da intro, let’s get to the good stuff!

1. I met a new friend

Everybody, meet Lettie!

She’s been a reader of KMB for a while now and just moved to Clarksville a couple of weeks ago. How cool is that, right?

She’s a die-hard foodie just like me, but doesn’t have a blog of her own…yet! Maybe I should talk her into doing a guest post sometime so she can get the feel for it, no?

2. I gave running another shot

After taking a break from running for more than 2 weeks, I jumped on the treadmill at the gym on Saturday.


I did it…without ANY shin pain!!

Is it just me or are those rays of light streaming down from Heaven? Do you hear the angels singing?

3. I FINALLY found organic Honeycrisps

Oh, honeycrisp…you are the “apple” of my eye! 😉
Wow, that was really lame…sorry guys!

4. I started decorating Casa de Broccoli

After, how long has it been? Um, SEVEN months, I finally started doing a little something around the house this weekend after I spent half the morning on Pinterst…nothing like a little pinning spree to give you a bit of motivation!

Curtains and paint swatches

I actually went to Lowe’s to browse the paint section and get some ideas, but once I saw these curtains, I fell in love!

Check it out…they match my couch,

AND my oil and vinegar dispensers!

Which is a good thing when it comes to painting since I forgot my kitchen and living room share the same wall! Now I just have to figure out which shade of gray/green/whatever I want to paint, but I think I’m leaning toward “Sage Bud” 🙂

While I was in the painting section, I grabbed a package of paint strainers. Not that I intend on splashing THAT much paint around…

5. I’m giving up almond milk

Store bought anyway!

I can seriously go through a 1/2 gallon carton of Almond Breeze in like 3-4 days so I’m really hoping this homemade method works so I can save a few bucks!

I think I’m going to wait until the weekend to try it out since I’m working my longer shift this week, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

6. I’ve been a little obsessed with AIAJ

That would be ANYTHING in a jar! 😉

Ice cream



And last and CERTAINLY least…

Over the weekend, I started to notice my throat getting a little scratchy.

Then I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a bus, so after attempting to make it at work, failing, and going home early,

7. I started self-medicating

Hmm, you think I’m forgetting anything? I don’t know…feels like I’m forgetting something! 😉

The pills would be my new GNC multis and an Aleve for my splitting headache! And with that…and the two Benedryls I popped about an hour ago…I am off to bed

at 8:00pm.

I feel like such a loser someone who’s going to feel much better in the morning! 😀

Have you ever made your own almond milk before? Any tips?

What’s something you’ve gotten excited about recently?

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24 Responses to Happenings

  1. i’d love to hear how your almond milk-making goes! i’ve always thought about doing it myself too, just never have done it.. and i love anything in a jar too. obsessed. i have so many mason jar craft ideas on pinterest aside from eating out of them!

  2. I just started making my own nut milk! It’s seriously the easiest thing ever. The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you soak the almonds long enough (i’d say at least 6-8 hours) and use filtered water.
    Can’t wait to hear how it works out for you 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    My advice? Drink it FAST! I think homemade almond milk tastes so much better than store-bought but it gets weird fast. Like sour weird. That’s why I stick with buying it 🙁

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh no! I guess I should be sure to stick with a small amount first then! I’d hate to go through the work to make it myself only to have it spoil on me! Thanks for the tip Lauren!

  4. I was sick last week and definitely did everything foodie-related to make myself better. I tried to eat lots of vitamin C, veggies, and drink tea, etc. I was really nauseous, though.. the only thing that sounded appetizing was toast with peanut butter. Go figure!

    Feel better soon!!!!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks girlie! Funny how toast can seem so appealing when we’re feeling under the weather…I’m the same with rice too…good ol’ comfort carby goodness! 🙂

  5. katie says:

    Hi Lettie!

    Yay for a new friend! WHo knows, maybe you will inspire her to have her own blog ; )

    Loving the curtains, I like the flower pattern on them!

    I think you are decorating so if I come visit, it looks all shabby ; ) haha

    Love the anything in a jar stuff, or whatever it is, lol! I like the stuff in the Arctic Ice Cream container!

    Happy Tuesday!

    p.s. I never made my own almond milk, but have heard its pretty easy! Good Luck!

  6. Hahaha AIAJ! Love it. 🙂

    Also love your curtains…and I’ve been thinking about making my own almond milk, too! I’m excited to see how yours turns out!

  7. Anastasia says:

    Yay for new friends and running with no shin pain! I hope your running continues to be pain free from now on.

    Pinterest has been making me really want to spruce up my house as well. I love those curtains! The colors are great and the pattern is really nice. Did they have them in longer panels or just the shorter curtain?

    I’ve never made my own almond milk but I hear it’s super easy. We go through a lot of it as well but it’s always on sale at our grocery store for $2 so it’s not that bad.

    I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully you caught it soon enough. It looks like you will kick its booty with all that! haha

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks girl! Wow, if I could find almond milk that cheap, I wouldn’t even think twice about buying it. Sometimes I can catch it on sale, but I usually have to spend like 3 bucks at least! They did have longer panels too…I got one for the window next to my kitchen table, but I still have to find a curtain rod for it!

  8. Hey Lady! I’ve made almond milk before (Super easy)! Here is the post if you are interested–> http://redheadrecipes.com/?p=9455

    I agree, honeycrisp are the BEST apples!

  9. I am obsessed with those curtains! Did those come from Lowes too?!?

  10. Brittany says:

    Casa de broccoli – haha that is catchy!
    Oh noo sorry you are sick, my mom is too I am hoping I don’t get sick as well =O
    Yay for pain free running!! Best feeling ever 🙂 Feel better girl!

  11. Your blog has my heart Heather. Seriously. I love your tone, pictures, everything.
    congrats on the run- I wish I had the ££ to get mahself over to a treadmill. Yay for new friends as well- she’ll have a blog in no time, it’s contagious!
    I also love anything in a jar. Please tell me you think of eating whatever it will be in the jar when you buy it too?
    I love whatever you put in the arctic zero container. I wasn’t so sure about the stuff on its own but it made BOMB smoothies!!
    and as for the almond milk- you’ll have to let me know how it goes. I’m really quite curious. I’d do that too, but how much calcium does it have? I really concentrate on that so I don’t know if I’d be so keen on making my own at this point.
    I’m excited about something I won which I’ll touch on in my post tomorrow for WIAW~

  12. Robyn :) says:

    Never tried to make Almond Milk.

    Something I recently got excited over was the Archer Farms snacks at Target!! So yummy. I got some fruit bars and some really good cookies. I never look in the grocery section of Target, but you did a post awhile back on some stuff you found and it looked good so I just wandered the aisles and found some goodies!!

  13. I had oats in a jar with butternut squash and white chocolate wonderful! That was exciting! Looks like you’ve had a lot going on. I’m glad you ran with no pain! I hope you’re having a great week!

  14. Ahhhh there are so many things I want to comment on in this post!!!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only arctic zero lover
    2. I went through a homemade almond milk phase… but I didn’t have a real strainer… so I used my coffee filter thing. No joke. It took forever-and it was so not worth my time! I think your situation will work better though.
    3. Honey crisp might be the most amazing things ever
    4. I’m sure the casa de broccoli is going to be SO cute!!
    5. I finally ran for the first time in TOO LONG this weekend. It was marvelous. I’m so glad you’re not having shin pain!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      OmG!! So, I was just about to say that, so far, there’s only one flavor I’ve tried of the Arctic Zero that I didn’t like…but then I couldn’t remember what flavor that was (because I’m part goldfish…how are your fishes by the way?….ok, apparently I’m an ADD goldfish)…ANYWHO! I Googled Arctic Zero and went to their site to see the flavors (btw, it’s the chocolate peanut butter that I wasn’t really a fan of…fat free and peanut butter don’t really mix) AND THERE YOU ARE ON VIDEO!!! I was like ohmigosh, there’s LIZ!! Haha!

      I love that you wrote your comment in list form! Haha! And congratulations on the run girlie! It’s so nice to get back into it after being out for a while, no?

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