Wolves, Waffles, and a Winner!

Hey guys and happy Friday!

I hope you all had a fantastic week!

Last night, I met up with my best friend, Sherri, my mom, and my sister, Tori for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier…


I may not be a Twilight groupie…of course, if I had to choose, I’d go with Team Jacob just because Taylor Lautner has such incredible abs….I mean seriously, I’d take a sledge-hammer to my front loader if it meant I could use his stomach to wash my wardrobe.

Hmm, could I go to jail for saying that?

Nope! Just checked…he’s twenty! 😉

Anywho! Like I was saying…I read the book series just before the first film was made, and it just became our “thing” to go and see each movie when it came out…however horrible the acting was.

BUT, I will say, out of all five movies, this one was by far the BEST!

Great special effects, a couple of twists and turns, and ok, there was still a good amount of bad acting, but hey, you get a sex scene within the first 10 minutes! 😀

After the show, we followed up with a tradition we started last year

Waffle House!

As soon as we sat down, I knew exactly what I wanted…the latest menu addition…

The pumpkin waffle!

Oh, and a side of bacon! 😉

Instead of it being made with pumpkin puree like I was expecting, it was a traditional batter with bits of pumpkin “nougat” (waitress’ words, not mine) spread throughout. I was a little skeptical…but then I had my first bite…

It’s official…I want to live in a bucket of pumpkin “nougat”

And then came this genius idea…

Pumpkin Bacon Wafflewich!

Dipped it in a little syrup and the sweet salty combo nearly had me on my knees!

But that’s not even the best part. That came today with the leftovers…

A pumpkin bacon wafflewich with CHOCOLATE SYRUP*

1 Tbsp cocoa + 2 Tbsp maple syrup = pure and utter deliciousness!

Seriously, Waffle House, get on this!


To #foodcoma!

And speaking of pumpkin…

I was BLOWN AWAY by the number of entries in my Arctic Zero giveaway! But not at all surprised by how many of you were wanting to get your hands on the pumpkin spice flavor! Well guess what…

We have a winner!

Congratulations Katarina! I’m emailing you now!

Thank you all SO much for entering! And don’t forget, if you can’t find your coveted flavor of Arctic Zero in stores, you can always check out their Amazon page! 🙂

What’s your favorite sweet/salty combo?

Any big plans for the weekend?
I’ve got a sushi date tonight with some girls from work and tomorrow, I’m hanging with Allie in Nashvegas!

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