Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday, guys!

So, as I mentioned in my post on Friday, I’ve always been pretty good at the art of the “selfie” what with having what I lovingly refer to as my “telescopic arms”. Seriously, it sucked when I was in school and the rule was that our shorts had to come to our finger tips (read: MY knees) but it’s definitely helpful now in situations where I’d like to embrace my inner narcissist and snap a picture or two twenty! 😉

I swear I have a point.

Out of all the Christmas gifts I opened up this year, I have to say the loudest squeal came when I unwrapped my new tripod and remote for my camera. While I haven’t had the time to get in the kitchen and put these babies to good use with some food photography, I obviously HAD to test them out the other day to be sure they worked properly. And since I have absolutely no problem embracing my dorkiness, I thought I’d share…


Look Ma, NO HANDS!

Selfie2 Selfie3 Selfie4 Selfie5 Selfie6 Selfie7 Selfie8

Even more fun than the gooberosity from this past spring! I may need to work on the whole “you’re a tiger thing” but seriously, I had TOO much fun with this…I felt like a kid…at Christmas! 😀

Confession: This is only HALF of the pictures I ended up taking!

What are you up to this weekend?
As I type this, it’s Saturday afternoon and the man-friend is currently in the process of making this sandwich…please pray that I don’t end up calling an ambulance! 😯

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