Laundry, Kryptonite, and Shin Splints

Hey guys!

So, yesterday, after I finished my fantastically fluffy banana pancakes,

Out of nowhere I got a burst of energy and all of a sudden I was ready to clean house!

Must have been the vanilla bean crack paste!

Next thing I know I’m washing dishes, cleaning countertops, vacuuming, tub-scrubbing and even DUSTING (what is that?)…almost simultaneously! Please tell me I’m not the only one with ADD when it comes to cleaning. I can’t ever seem to concentrate on one task at a time…

One minute I’m in the bathroom cleaning the tub, then all of a sudden, I realize that I need a new scrubby so I walk into the kitchen to get one out from under the sink and the next thing I know I’m loading the dishwasher and sweeping the floor! I’m either crazy or the best frickin’ multitasker ever! 😉

Anywho! So I was balls-to-the-wall in cleaning mode…the house was just about spotless (and it’s only 12:30pm!)…and then, I collected all the CLEAN laundry that I’ve been hiding in the laundry room closet

Oy vey! 🙁

Then I remembered something.

Folding laundry is my kryptonite.

Fast forward about an hour and I’m standing at the beginning of one of my running paths, powering on my Garmin, with Pandora already blasting my new favorite running station. You see, I HAD planned on doing my long run first thing in the morning, but since I woke up ready to chew my own arm off so I figured I’d just wait until later in the day when it cooled off a bit.

So why the heck was I out on the highway at 2pm?!


Some people make excuses not to exercise…I use exercise AS the excuse.

This was me right after I got back from the run:

8 miles…DONE!

Hang on, what happened to my thumbs?!?

Oh my god!…the agony!…the pain!…the…

Oh wait, THERE they are!



Yeah, the humor only came AFTER the run…

This is more of how I looked DURING those 8 miles:

And then…

It was (finally) over!

And so was the rest of my night…

Why hello shin splints…we’ve never met…um, you suck! :-/

Followed by:

The “what”…

The “how”…

And the “how to fix”!

What do you guys think of these?
(Click here for the link)

Morale of the story: Next time, just fold the damn clothes!

What is your most hated household chore?


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