Thursday Things & Mutant Peppers

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a great week…only one more day and the weekend will be here!

So it’s that time again, the time were I start to notice all the things that are rocking my week…

Time for KMB’s Thursday Things!

1. Gym Time

Ok, so I know I’ve said this before, but I think I’ve finally hit the point of making the morning workout thing a habit…my alarm was set for 5am this morning and I woke up ALL ON MY OWN at 4:12am!

I thought about going back to sleep for about a minute, but then figured, what the heck, and got ready for my workout!

I was at the gym by 4:54 and done at 5:50!

I decided to trade my LiveFit workout in for a good sweaty cardio session and by the end of it, I was a hot mess…but oh so proud! 🙂

2. Camel-ing Up

I seriously canNOT even tell you how much water I’ve been drinking lately…but I CAN tell you I’m going to the bathroom about 2385 times a day…wait, TMI?

3. Cottage Cheese

It’s been too long since this guy has seen the inside of my fridge!

Back when I started to become aware of my slight lactose intolerance, I gave it up thinking that it just wasn’t worth it to have to remember my Lactaid each and every time I wanted a protein-pumped snack…but guess what!

Last week, I bought a small container of it…remember this little treat from my WIAW post?

Well, it seems that along with Greek yogurt, cottage cheese is something I can handle…of course I’ve not been brave enough to go over the 1/2 cup serving at one time yet…

But I couldn’t resist today and bought two of the BIG containers to nosh on throughout the next week!

And let me just say, there ARE brands out there that have less than 5 ingredients and are sketch free:

It saddens me every time I pick up a container that reads: “cultured skim milk…and a whole bunch of other needless ingredients only added to increase our marketability with extended shelf life.”

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t say that verbatim, but it’s pretty close. 

The only thing that would make it better is if I could find THIS brand in my area!

4. Mutant Organics

Holy freakishly huge pepper, Batman!

And man was it one of the BEST peppers I’ve had in a while! I made a little veggie/hummus sandwich for lunch today and enjoyed it with some of my darling cheese of the cottage and cantaloupe (which was equally delicious)!


5. New Polish

Picked these up the other day and JUST finished my manicure!


LOVE the yellow, but the matte?…eh, not so much 🙁

Maybe I should try it with a darker color?

What is your favorite cardio exercise?
You guys know I love running, but since my knee has still been bothering me, I’m taking it easy and spending my time on the elliptical and in the pool and loving it!

Have you tried any of the new mattifying topcoats? What do you think?

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