Waffles & Chopsticks?

I want to thank you all for your condolences regarding the passing of young Fred.

He will truly be missed.

I know I’m in a bit of an emotional state right now, but I honestly cannot believe I lost my manners last night and missed out on making proper introductions…

Everyone, meet Willie…Willie, everyone! 😀

Ahhh, that’s MUCH better!

Now, I have to introduce you to a little recipe, but not BEFORE I give you a little background…

Ok, so last night, I obviously had some beginners luck with my very first waffle experience…in that it LOOKED good.

But I’ll be honest, it was a bit chewy. So this morning, I pushed up my sleeves (obviously figurative since it was a blazing 97 degrees out today) and set out to improve my technique!

And that’s when I made this:

Soft, fluffy, and NOT chewy whole wheat cinnamon waffle smothered in peanut flour sauce and topped with bananas and carob.

It was SO incredibly delicious…I just couldn’t believe it…AND THEN I found out what today is…


I was like #score! I HAVE to post this recipe today!

But first, I had to an errand to run. It was very important. It couldn’t wait.

But the whole time I was out, I was thinking about that waffle…thinking about the ingredients, the toppings, and how badly I wanted another one! So as soon as I got home, I did just that.

I was famished (errand running does that to me) so I quickly whipped up the recipe making only ONE small change…

In the original recipe, I noticed my batter wasn’t really thick enough so I threw in a tablespoon of coconut flour, butttttttttttt since I know not EVERYBODY has coconut flour (even though you all SHOULD…it’s the best thing EVER…next to peanut flour), I decided to make an alteration. I simply cut down on some of the liquid and removed an egg white…

Easy peasy, no?


I couldn’t understand…the batter seemed like it was the right consistency. So how the hell did it turn into friggin’ super glue?!

Lot’s of picking, scraping, and cleaning later…I was back to work! Oh no, I wasn’t giving up THAT easy! I was hungry….and I wanted that waffle!

So I tried again. This time I left the egg whites and liquid alone and added some protein powder…

Mother *&*&%@@$#!

At this point I’m STARVING…it was either scrap the waffle and have cereal or find some way to salvage it…

What would you do?

Waffle-in-a-bowl, anyone?

I’m still not sure what happened…my simple changes should have worked. I know it’s no pancake, but I think I know a thing or two about batter by now.


Unless he knows…

Unless he knows what came home with me today…

I’m sorry Willie, but you’re not the only new kid at school in the kitchen!

And Debbie’s* not going ANYWHERE!

*Not to be confused with this Debbie* 😉

So I’m sorry to all of you who are coconut flour deprived…I owe you.

For everyone else, here’s your friggin’ recipe!

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Waffles

By: Heather Powers

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3-5 drops liquid vanilla stevia (or other sweetener)


1. Whisk together dry ingredients to combine.
2. Place egg whites in a blender and blend until white and foamy (approximately 1 minute)
3. Add egg whites, milk, and extract to dry ingredients and stir JUST until flour is incorporated.
4. Transfer batter to waffle maker and cook until done (minute took less than 5 minutes)

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Happy National Waffle Day.


Now, for all you non-coconut flour owners, go here and buy this…I like this company…AND they’re having a sale on the best coconut oil ever…what you don’t use in the kitchen you can slather on your body for a primo moisturizer…AND they didn’t pay me to say ANY of that! 😉

Did YOU celebrate National Waffle Day today?

What do you do with your kitchen failures…scrap ’em or save ’em?

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