A Marvelous Saturday!

Happy Monday, my loves!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

I have to say, without having much of a plan going into this weekend,
Saturday was pretty great!

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The morning started off early with my usual trip to the farmer’s market. I restocked on the veggies and also picked up a little gem, strawberry butter…can’t wait to try this on some toast or in a big bowl of warm oats!

After the market, I stopped by Starbucks for a DECAF coffee to enjoy with my
banana walnut cookie before heading off to the spa for a scheduled-at-the-last-minute massage…it was only 30 minutes, but it was EXACTLY what I needed.

After my massage, I decided to do a little exploring around town, and like I mentioned yesterday, found the cutest little antique/craft shop!

I seriously could have taken about 100 more pictures, but I didn’t want them thinking I was casing the joint! 😉

Each booth was more amazing than the previous. I especially loved the wine bottles lamps that were filled with marbles and I’m sorry, but aren’t those little stuffed owls and bats not the CUTEST ever?

 And the infamous pancake inspiration…choco latte SOAP!

Of course, my version was MUCH tastier…and you don’t burp up any bubbles later! 😉

After whipping up these babies, I met my mom, sis, and little cousin Emma for a day at the zoo! 

It was the perfect day for it too…clear skies, not too hot, with a faint breeze…one of the nicest days we’ve had around here in WEEKS!

We were a little disappointed to find there was no monkey exhibit, but there were plenty of other animals around to get our attention…especially the flamingos!

Random fact:
Did you know that a flamingo gets its color from the shrimp that they eat?

Up next was the aquatic center which is always one of my favorites. I can never get over the vibrant colors of all the fish and plant life!

And I’m sorry, but can we just take a minute to talk about this cute little guy?

Omg, I want one! Lol

I thought it was funny that all the lizards in the reptile exhibit seemed to be posing for me…the one at the top left scared me when he just dropped out of nowhere and was like “Woo hoo! Take my picture!!”

Before making our way to the bigger exhibits, we all took a minute to get in touch with our inner animal instincts…

I totally wanted to buy one and just wear it…
to like the movie theater or something! 

Unfortunately, most of the bigger animals were shying away in the back of they’re areas and since I’m totally lacking in the zoom department with my camera, I’ll help your eyesight a bit…

Siberian tiger (my FAVE), cougar, elephant (duh), zebras, giraffe family, alligators/crocodiles (whatever…I can never remember the difference), lynx, and papa giraffe!

Of course, we all got a kick out of this guy…

Who does he think he’s fooling…
Um, I can still see you behind that tree Mr. Giraffe!

After THREE hours of walking around the zoo, we were all pretty beat…and hungry! Though NONE of us were tempted by the gift shop specialities:

I got the skeevies just by holding the boxes! 


Yeah, I’d say the tuna fish sandwiches we had at grandma’s house afterwards was FAR

What is your favorite zoo animal?

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