Thinking Out Loud: Before My Mind Turns to Mush


It has been A WEEK around here, people, let me tell you! Actually, don’t, because I’d rather not relive it all. Suffice it to say (ha, that always makes me feel somewhat Shakespearean) that work has gotten the better of me and I am incredibly thankful that today is my Friday.


After TWO jam-packed weekends, I’m looking forward to having nothing on the agenda for the next few days other than carving an indention of myself into the couch as I turn my mind all mushy with too much wine and even more Netflix. But, before I get to my self-induced veg-TEE-bull state, how about a highlight reel from last weekend? Back when things were happy…stressfree…and I had a bird on my head!

Selfie - Zoo

Actually, I take that back…this moment at the zoo last Saturday was definitely NOT stress-free since I was kiiiiiiinda freaking out about this little dude either a.) pecking a hole in my head or b.) leaving me a little “present” in my hair!

But hey, I went to the ZOO!!


Although the humidity got the best of us in the end, it was great to get back and check out some of the new exhibits. I loved the kangaroos! And my little giraffe friend wasn’t “trying” to hide this time! 😉

Famished after walking around the zoo for THREE hours and not being able to come to an agreement on dining out choices, I told my crew, we would be eating at the FIRST place I saw after getting off the interstate. And well, I have to admit, I wasn’t hating life when I spotted the golden WF in the distance!

Waffle House - PB & BAcon Wafflewich

Peanut butter waffle with BAAAAAAAACON!!!

I have seriously been craving a waffle from Waffle House for over a month now and let me tell you, this hit THE spot!


Oh look, I bought a firepit!

I’ve yet to roast anything but brats on it since it was windier than all get out the night I brought it home. The fire died out faster than I could finish my meat (TWSS?)! But let it be known, those pornirific s’mores are STILL on my mind!

Grilling Out - Burger Beans & Potato Salad

Mom’s birthday dinner last Friday went off without a hitch! Well, that is if you don’t count the fact that I got so wrapped up in cheese and bacon and potatoes that I totally forgot that I was supposed to bring all the fixings for salads…oops? I put lettuce and tomato on my burger. That totally counts.

But let’s just have a closer look at those potatoes, eh?

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

And how about a GIANT serving of this cheesy bacony deliciousness was my dinner TWICE this week?


But the dish that really stole the show was dad’s famous homemade blackberry cobbler made with the wild blackberries from the backyard…

Blackberry Cobbler & Ice Cream

For the record, that ice cream definitely left me and my lactose-challenged tummy with some regrets, but the leftovers I put with cottage cheese and ate for breakfast the other day most certainly did NOT! Seriously? HOW do I always forget how much I love cobbler until the summer?! Maybe I’ll find a moment this weekend to bake a cobbler of my own sweet talk my dad into making some more! 😉


As always, a big thank you goes out to my girl Amanda for hosting this week’s brain dump! Be sure to head on over to Spoons and see what everyone else is thinking about this week!

Do you like cobbler? What’s your favorite?

What is your activity of choice when it comes to mind mushing?

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