Thinking Out Loud: I’m So Hungry!

Hey hey HEY!

So guess what! I love you! I’m so glad you guys liked Tuesday’s post and just want you to know that each and every comment either had me giggling nonstop or shaking my head like a frickin bobble head.  Sounds like we’ve all learned a few good lessons lately!

With all the craziness of life going on right now, I’m SUPER excited to actually have the energy (and pictures) for a post today. Of course, with excitement also comes a rush of scatterbrained thinking which is perfect for a good edition of Thinking Out Loud!

Annnnnnnd go!

PB Oreo S'mores

Look guys, FOOD!!

I so wish I could take credit for the sheer genius that is this peanut butter Oreo mess of s’more confection, but alas I found it in a copy of Country Woman that I stole borrowed from the imaging department’s waiting room. I know I will more than likely be in a coma afterward AND have to find a way to successfully lick my forearms, but omg, so worth it! And if I have any luck shopping for a deck-sized fire pit this weekend, I will most definitely be taking on the task! 😉



This beauty on the other hand, I CAN take credit for! The reason for Tuesday’s lesson in oral torture (oh wow, that sounded weirder than it did in my head), but man was this baby delicious! So I found this “everything” hummus at Food Lion the other day and it is in fact everything I thought it would be. Toasted multigrain ciabatta roll with hummus, kale, tomato, cucumber, red onion, toasted onion mustard (TJ Maxx find), and MORE hummus because, well, in the words of my friend, I had to make up for the lack of dead animals! And because shit guys, it’s EVERYTHING hummus!

Cottage Cheese, Cantaloupe, Perfect Bar

Cookies for BREAKFAST!

For all my Blend-attend-ees out there, I hope to GOD you went home with at least one Perfect Foods bar! I almost didn’t because they are super high in calories…I know, don’t look at me like that. I’m not counting or anything, I just think that 300 calories for a snack is a little much, mmmkay? 😛 Anyhoodles, I decided to crumble half of an almond butter bar on top of a bowl of cantaloupe and cottage cheese the other day annnnnnd I couldn’t wait to repeat it! So.freaking.GOOD!

How the hell do I already have 400 words in this post?

Book & Coffee

Fuck you, Nora Roberts!

So, I started on the third book in the Bride Quartet the other night and holy crap! I’m only on chapter six and instead of getting toodly in my bits like I usually do with her expert use of steamy adjectives, every few pages, I’m Googling food! So far, I want to make this and this and someone needs to help me find out where to buy ouzo!

And now, because I figured I could get something else out of Google…

The food blogger anthem!


As always, big thanks to Amanda for hosting our weekly tell all…think all? Eh, whatevs…I’m out in just over 500 words! BAM!

What are your plans for this weekend?
I’ll be heading over to my parents to celebrate Broccoli Mama’s BIRTHDAY! Hamburgers, my famous por-tay-ter salad are on the list with talk of some ooey gooey [boxed because they’re the best] brownies! 😉

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