Last Chance Survey

Hey guys!

 I hope you are all having a great week! I saw this fun little post over on Katie’s blog the other day and well…you KNOW how I love a good survey! 😀

Last food you ate:

A new-to-me treat (thanks, Debbie!), Nature’s Bakery vanilla raspberry fig bar…a little underwhelming at first, so I popped it in the microwave for a few seconds annnnnd?

HOLY DELICIOUSNESS! Soft and crumbly figgy goodness! 😀

Last beverage you drank:

Working my way through my tea stash in my effort to clean out the pantry!
This combo just doesn’t get old!

Last workout you did:

A 45 minute chest & back circuit followed up with an easy 10 minute run on the treadmill to break in new pair of shoes (more on that later).

Last thing you pinned:


Seriously? How have I never thought to do this? YUM!!

Last text message you sent:

Coordinating with my best friend Sherri for our “double date” with my mom and sis forrrrrrrr


#donthateyouknowyouwantasparklyboyfriendtoo 😉

Last blog you visited:

I just discovered Allison from Life’s a Bowl…thank you WIAW link up party…and I’m pretty sure the girl likes pancakes JUST as much as I do! Her latest creation:
Peanut Butter Puff Pancakes where she adds pb puff cereal to the batter!

Hello, can we say GENIUS?!

Last tweet you sent:

For YOUR chance to win, click HERE!

Last place you visited:

St. Louis!

Last time you did ab work:

Ummm, maybe a couple of weeks ago? I’m really bad about adding abs to my weekly workouts…I need to get back into some power planking! 😉

Last show you watched:


Yep, I totally got sucked into this cute little show at the gym the other day while I was on the arc trainer. And I may or may not have bust out laughing a couple of times!


Last thing you baked:

Southwestern Cheesy Egg Cups! 

Wait, does that really count as “baking”? If not, then the last sweet thing that came out of my oven was…

Amanda’s Pumpkin Bread!

Mmmm, SO darn good!

 Last thing you Instagrammed:

Ok, so technically, the last thing I Instagrammed was the fig bar, but I didn’t want to be boring and repeat it so here’s the next to the last thing…

For all you fig lovers out there, you HAVE to try one frozen!

Last item on your to-do list today:

Last, but only because I know my-procrastinator-self too well, is…


Because tomorrow afternoon, I’m heading to Nashville to meet this girl and about 4.5 hours later we’ll be enjoying some homemade pumpkin spice poptarts with THIS GIRL!

Any other sparkly vampire fans out there? 😉

Are you a procrastinator?

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