Fifty Shades of WeekENDing

Hey guys!

So…remember how I said I am late to EVERYTHING? Well, I’m just gonna use that as my excuse for going MIA yesterday. Or maybe I was just worn out from all my
dark and dirty confessions on Sunday. Or MAYBE it was the distraction of this on-the-edge-of-my-seat movie during a much appreciated slow night at work! 😉

Regardless, I’m here today and ready to share my “what’s up”…my “happenings”…
My holiday weekEND in review!


And since Meghan loves me almost as much as she loves lists, cheese, and mad monkey love, I think she’ll forgive my fashionably lazy lateness! 😉

The week before the Fourth was kinda humdrum…while I continued to put away my fair share of salacious salads, I wasn’t really accomplishing much else…unless resorting to my teenage years and using every opportune moment to sleep counts. What am I saying? Sleep = Sanity…that TOTALLY counts!

With my sleep stores replenished, I had plenty of energy to hang out with the man-friend and do fifty shades of things

Mall Shopping

Like mall shopping…


Bar stash replenishing…

Sephora Makeup

New addiction finding…

Whole Foods

Whole Foods happy dancing…


Sushi loving…

Famers Market Haul

Farmers’ marketing…


Movie watching…

Looper = freakin AWESOME and Django = Quentin Tarantino…um, need I say more? 😉

TJ Maxx

HomeGoods prowling…

Still no peanut butter ginger chews! 🙁


Trip preparing…

PizzaPizza noshing…

The Man-Friend Shadow

And finally, some park walking!

12 bars, 4 indulgent pretties, 2 snacks, 3 plates of yum, 8 market goodies, 2 movies, 3 jars of stuff I didn’t need, 2 things I really DID need, 3 cheese-filled dishes, and 1 mysterious
shadow couple!

Wait, what did you THINK I meant by “fifty”? 😉

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