If I Were a Superhero…


I would wear a mask so no one would know my true identity.

Herbal Sleep

Or see the dark circles under my eyes since I’m obviously immune to medicinally herbally(?) induced comas.


My costume would be constructed from unexpected fabrics…you know, since I’m not using them for SLEEP!

Cereal & Peanut Flour

And my power source would come from a heavy supply of carbs and peanut flour…
and Quest Bars…and caffeine…lots and lots of caffeine!

Black Thumb

I could save the world from any possible botanical domination…

Dead Basil

Because obviously I have a black belt thumb in plant annihilation.

I could save people from a life of materialism…

Snowman Plate

Because my innate ability to break things knows no bounds…
or love for precious snowman plates. 🙁

I could end world hunger…

Nothing beats the balance of this bowl...healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and ZERO sugar! Start your year off RIGHT with this Detox Quinoa Salad from www.kissmybroccoliblog.com!

Starting with yesterday’s Detox Quinoa Salad…and also take a moment to tell you guys that it got RAVE reviews from everybody at work the other night!

Or I could ditch all that, totally lose my train of thought, and start thinking about how cool it would be to own a mini giraffe…

Mini Giraffe

[original source]

I blame this interruption of thoughts on the fact that it’s 2am and I’m still awake! disturbing observation of two giraffes fighting on the Animal Planet the other day…I swear I always just thought of them as being such peaceful creatures…haven’t been able to get it out of my head since! Obviously my mini one would be too cute to have such a violent temperament. 😉


Yeah, so if this insomnia-motivated post isn’t a contender for Amanda’s linkup of randomness, I don’t know WHAT is! 😯

Edited to add: Out of complete desperation, I took a Benedryl at 3:30am and woke up at noon today…thank you sweet baby Jesus!

If you were a superhero, what would your semi-practical superpower be?

Who knows where I can get a mini giraffe? 

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