Ten Things I Love About Spoons

Selfie Spoons 1

1. They make eating soup a HECK of a lot easier…

Oh wait…not THOSE kind of spoons!

Running With SpoonsTHESE kind of Spoons!

You guys may or may not know, but tomorrow, January 4, 2014 is Amanda’s BIRTHDAY! I’m pretty sure she’s turning 18…right? 😉 Anywho, Arman, everyone’s favorite blogging boy had the fantastic idea of doing a little birthday celebration for her so a few of us bloggers are getting together to show some love…of the Spoon variety! 😀

It’s no secret that I’ve had a girl crush on this woman for ohhhh about THREE years now so obviously this post is going to be easy peasy…spoony poony?

Selfie Spoons 2

1. Each and every single one of her posts are entertaining, inspiring, and heart felt. I love the genuineness of her writing and I swear I always feel like I’m sitting across the table from her each and every time I pull up Spoons in my reader.

 2. I’ve always admired Amanda’s attitude on balance. On the food front and in life in general. When it comes to healthy eating, both on the blog and off, she has been a HUGE support to me while I’ve worked to heal my unhealthy relationship with food. And try as I might not to compare myself to others, in the blogging world, it can be tough…but she always seems to know when I need a change in perspective. Simply put: We can’t do it all and she reminds me of that from time to time.

Dry Brush

3. Whether it be fun random facts from her Thinking out Loud posts, or the benefits of dry-brushing, it’s rare that a week goes by without me taking away a nice little nugget of information…and now that I finally found a good one, I’m going to start dry brushing next week! 🙂

4. The reviews on products (food related and otherwise) that she shares are ALWAYS trustworthy. I’ve not once had her lead me astray, which sort of explains my next point…


5. She made me a makeup diva opened my eyes to a world of GOOD makeup!! Seriously, I’m a convert and there is no turning back now! Gone are the days of suffering through cheapo drugstore makeup…I am now addicted to Sephora…

Sephora Makeup Samples

Or mayyyyyybe it’s just all the free samples!

♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay BROKE! 😆

And it doesn’t stop with the makeup and other products…

Amanda's Pumpkin Bread

6. I am pretty leery about trying new recipes…especially baked goods because well, I’m abnormal. I just don’t have the sweet tooth that so many others have so I never know if I should cut the sugar down or not and I hate the thought of wasting ingredients if it doesn’t turn out…but Amanda’s treats (and this Pumpkin Bread in particular) are always perfect!

7. I can’t get enough of her Link Love posts on Sundays…it seriously baffles me how she has the time to find so many great articles. It’s not uncommon for me to have about ten windows up at once! She helped motivate me to spruce up the blog a few months ago and continues to find little gems that I will forever be grateful for!

Peanut Butter Mug Cake with Greek Yogurt, Pomegranate & Jam  www.kissmybroccoliblog.com

8. She is my foodie inspiration! Thanks to her Double Chocolate Mug Cake, I created my own WHOLE EGG cake and yeah, that pretty much sums up what I ate between the months of November and December!

Sweet & Savory Oats9. She’s a secret #strangebutgood lover! 😉 She may not be a crazy as me, but this girl knows her quirky combos…this is a bowl of her Sweet & Savory Oats (topped with hummus and blackberry jam) that I made back in 2011!

10. Amanda could make a stick lying in a dim-lit room look breathtaking. She never fails to inspire me with my own photography. Her pictures are definitely a treat for the eyes…whether it be of food, nature, her gorgeous little face!

So…while I could really go on and on, there you have the TOP TEN reasons I love Spoons…and the girl who slurps from them! Now hop on over there and sing her a little birthday tune! 😀

Do you read Amanda’s blog? What keeps you coming back?

When is YOUR birthday? 

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