Confessions of a Bad Blogger

1. I just sat down and realized I had no idea what to post today.

And since we all know how much TV I watch (read: none), Arman’s link up isn’t really an option. So, I figured I’d just go and get all truthsie on you today. Because yeah, I’m not a planner…and if you were on my side of the blog right now, you would see no pre-written posts, partially written posts, or even fragments of posts. Yeah…

Lumbergh Blogging Meme[original source]

2. Yesterday, I answered comments from a post I wrote three weeks ago. I want you all to know that I do read (and treasure) each and every comment left on the blog, but if I don’t remember to do it BEFORE publishing another post, they tend to get lots in my little comment window thingie. <- Because that’s totally what it’s called!

3. Even though I’ve read skimmed at least a half a dozen articles on it, I really have no idea what SEO means…all I know is that I should title my recipe posts by the recipe so people can actually find them with Google. So now, every time I go back and see an old post where I thought I was just the cleverest little thing with my super quirky title, I want to kick myself…

4. One word. BlogLovin. Two words. RUN AWAY!

PB Chicken Nuggets with Jam Dip

5. Remember these guys? No? Good. Then maybe you forgot how I promised I would try making a vegan version of these not long after I posted them…over a year ago!

Intuitive Eating

6. Or how about that life-changing book I was going to review? While I have no excuse other than my aging mind for the nuggets, I’m gonna pull my ADD card on this one! I sat down…I made notes…I made more notes…and by the time I was finished, I had HALF A BOOK…for a review. Needless to say, I got overwhelmed! 🙁

7. My ‘About Me’ tab STILL hasn’t been updated! I write about myself all the time…so why do I find it SO hard to write…about myself?

8. I forget to promote my posts on social media. I have an automatic tweet set up whenever a post goes live…and anything I upload on IG, I typically post to Twitter, but I  forget I even HAVE a Facebook page…Pinterest is really where things just go to die…and Google+? What the heck IS that? And why do I have one?

9. Sometimes I just wish I could use Instagram to blog. But then I get attacked by spammers and lose the motivation to post anything for days.

iPhoto Library Recipe Pics

10. I feel like I need to put something up about the recipe I created and photographed this weekend just to hold myself accountable for 1. A recipe post and 2. A photography post. Plus, I hated to end on an odd number. I promise I WILL have these two posts up later this week…as soon as I sort through the 200+ pictures. 😯

And you KNOW that’s not an exaggeration!

What do you confess today?

Please tell me I’m not the only one completely lost when it comes to social media?

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