WIAW: The Stream of Consciousness Edition

Goooooooooood morning, loverlies!

So, omg, what am I doing? First I post a recipe (not to be confused with a non-recipe) after six months and now I’m actually HERE? for a What I Ate Wednesday?! Who the hell am I? I know, I know. But before you get all applaudy (that’s totally a word…because I just made it a word) on me, I have to warn you that I have some incredibly poorly-lit photos (fuck you, Daylight Savings Time) that kinda make my perfectionist eye twitch a bit, but umm, can you tell I’m kinda out of practice typing ACTUAL posts?

Yeah, let’s just do this already!

Pumpkin Coffee

I woke up Saturday “morning” (5pm for those of you who care to know my night-walking ways) and headed STRAIGHT to the coffee pot, but not because I needed it. No, after getting NINE HOURS of sleep, I was perfectly rested. But it was FINALLY the day to open my pumpkin coffee! Omg you guys, this stuff is ahhhhhhhh-mazing! Well done Target…well done indeed!

While the coffee brewed, I set to work on “breakfast”. I actually haven’t had much of an appetite when I first wake up lately nor do I really care to think until the coffee has done its job at making me suitable for speaking in public.

Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar with JIF Whips Peanut Butter

So a broiled double chocolate chunk Quest bar scha-meared with [maple and brown sugah, bitches] peanut butter it is! See? You can’t take me anywhere! 😯

Later, after being released into the wild…err, I mean at work where I uphold the utmost decency and professionalism,

Public Banana Selfie

I busted out a crazy-eyed #publicbanana selfie…which actually wasn’t public at all since I was alone in the department at the time. But you wouldn’t know that unless I told you and I just…whoops?

Chicken Nuggets, Ranch & Carrots

For dinner (lunch…whatever, who keeps up with these things?!), I kept up with my childish antics and had a finger-licking-good plate of chicken nuggets, carrots, and my favorite beverage that just happens to be sold in the salad dressing aisle.

Pumpkin Chobani

A pumpkin Chobani (mixed with pumpkin puree for added Oompah Loompahness) was my first snack of choice to get me through the wee mornin’ hours toward the end of my shift.


Along with a juicy Honeycrisp apple that I munched on while walking around the waiting room, breathing deeply and trying to inhale as much oxygen as our little collection of plants could give me to stay awake. 😉

Eggs & Toast

Once home, it was time for some REAL FOOD! And omg, FINALLY some decent light to take a freakin’ picture! Behold, we have two farmer’s market eggs here, scrambled and sprinkled with black pepper with a side of toast topped with butter and a good slathering of my favorite boozy jam!

Then, after realizing that my day was sort of lacking in the veggies department (but NOT the water department…FOUR LITERS for the win!), I decided to wash it all down with a couple of glugs of liquid greens. But not just ANY greens…

Incredible Greens

My favorite, INCREDIBLE Greens!

I then took my Hulk-stached self to the bathroom, peed for the four hundred billionth time (TMI?), washed my teeth and brushed my face (err, I mean…you know what I mean!), took my “nightcap” from The Pink Ladies and promptly face-planted into my tempur-pedic pillow. Ok, wow, that was a lot of ‘P’s’! 😆


Don’t forget to click on over to Peas & Crayons and give Jenn a little love for hosting the weekly blog party that never ends. I’ll “see” you guys back here on Friday for a little something I’ve been working on! 🙂

What’s the best thing you ate over the weekend?

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