Surprises: The Good, the Bad, and the Unfortunate

Hey there, friends!

*picture me waving frantically* ūüėČ

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! We seem to have run out of summer weather passes over here¬†so I’m hulled up in the house in my robe and fuzzy slippers, possibly with a bit too much coffee, with my fingers flying so fast on this keyboard, I’m sure to start a fire by the end of this post. Ohh, that reminds me…have any of you seen this commercial? Click it. You know you want to. Seriously. Lost. My. Shit.

Caution: Do not watch while drinking water OR with a full bladder.

So, this week went by in a FLASH! Kinda like how I’m typing this post. I watched Over the Hedge for¬†the first time in forever the other night and I’m starting to take over the personality of Hammy. Sorry guys, I’ll try to reel it in.¬†Squirrel!

But anyhoodles, yeah, it really did go by fast. The week. Not the movie. Though I guess the movie did to since I was busy hosting a little impromptu grill out party. Oh warm weather, please come back to me!

Grilling Out & Beer

A beer in one hand while somebody else manages the grill with there other…yep, that’s the life for me. ūüėČ By the way, Blue Moon’s Peach Ale is the SHIT! Definitely on the sweet side, but if you’re prepared for that…so good!

We had a menu of grilled steak kabobs and to-die-for twice-baked potatoes from the local butcher market, asparagus (a grilltime favorite over here), a Mediterranean orzo salad from Publix that honestly was a little weird (of course, I still ate it), and some toasty Cuban bread with garlic butter. Oh and hot dogs for our little one present. Gotta feed the tiny Hitlers you know. Skip to 0:14.

Going in, I knew it was going to be a busy week this week since I bought tickets to not one but TWO concerts and I was so so SO excited for the first one. Also, any trip to Nashville is also an opportunity to try out a new restaurant! Only…things didn’t go as well as hoped.

Desano's Pizza

First, my friends and I tracked down¬†Desano’s Pizza Bakery for dinner¬†after hearing a LOT of good things about them. While the pie photographed quite nicely and the crust was on point (chewy but with that¬†crunch you just have to have with a thin crust),¬†it was just…missing something. Also, not a fan of their marinara sauce which I ordered on the side.

Then it was onto the concert! Anyone heard BORNS¬†play live yet? Well, me neither. I¬†skipped my way up to the door, ticket in hand only to be greeted with a sign that read: “DUE TO SICKNESS, BORNS WILL NOT BE PERFORMING TONIGHT.”

Misterwives at High Watt

But I made the most of it…after pouting, cursing, and making a call to find out my tickets could not be refunded. BORNS was actually the opening act for Misterwives and though prior to that night, I’d only heard one song of theirs, I fell in LOVE with them after only a couple of minutes. Seriously. That little girl has So. Much. Energy. They have a blast on stage and it only trickles out onto the floor. Midway through the first song, I was already shaking my booty!

Misterwives Swag

I couldn’t help but come home with a¬†shirt and some buttons. You HAVE¬†to¬†know¬†they¬†had me with that kitty!

The next concert was a new-to-me band by the name of The Barr Brothers¬†from Montreal, Canada. (Hey to all my Canadian blends out there!) My friends are avid followers so I just figured I’d tag along. I mean, a trip to Nashville (and of course dinner) where I DON’T have to drive and it only cost me ten bucks? Yeah, I’m in!

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we decided not to gamble with dinner and went back to Five Points Pizza which is still standing as my favorite pizza joint!

Five Points Pizza Garlic Knots

This time we tried and order of the garlic knots that we drooled over on other people’s tables last time and they were TO DIE FOR! Buttery, garlicky, deliciousness!

Five Points Pizza

Then we went with another Zeus pie complimented by a pepperoni, sausage, black olive, and jalapeno pizza….annnnnd I ordered a slice of their special for myself. No WAY I was turning down a chance to try a combo of¬†spinach, bacon, feta, and artichoke. And? It was amazing…every last bit of it…which the five of us¬†did not finish. But the best thing about going out for pizza are¬†the [COLD] leftovers anyway! ūüėČ

The concert ended up being pretty impressive. Though it’s not typically the kind of music that I’m in to, there is NO denying the musical talent of these three guys and their female harpist! A fucking HARPIST! They pulled out all the stops with this show to. Guitars for days, a whopping bass, a bicycle spoke (I shit you not), and the drummer even busted out one of these midway through. Yep, mind = BLOWN.

I’ll leave you guys with a little video to pique your interest…

And with that, I bid you adieu! Off for another weekend of zombie life!

Do you like surprises?

What’s the last thing that surprised you…good or bad?

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5 Responses to Surprises: The Good, the Bad, and the Unfortunate

  1. DeSanos, eh? That’s the sister restaurant to my FAVORITE pizza place in ATL. Secretly I’d glad they can’t compete. Bwhahaha. San Diego has some bangin’ pies, I must say.

  2. LOL. Please tell me you thought those fingers were mini hot dogs… No? I did.

    You’re pizza porn has been giving my instagram envy! Glad you guys are getting warm weather- It’s about to hit Winter here but NOT FOR ME MOFO.

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