What I Ate ‘Round the Clock

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

So I’m really loving how a lot of my favorite bloggers are making the move to get back to their WIAW roots and well, I’m happy to be able to play along with that today. Like Jenn has said, today is not a day to judge, but a day to celebrate something we all have in common…FOOD! While snapping up pictures of last week’s egg-therapy, I didn’t really have a plan for posting one full day of eats, but then I got to thinking, what better way to jump back in the game (and play by the rules) than with an organic, unplanned celebration?! So, without further ado, allow me to showcase my Thursday…

As is the case in most Thursdays, needing a little boost to get me through the last of my night shift, I enjoyed a cup of HALF CAFF coffee a few hours after midnight…

CoffeeAnd well, since my favorite mug photographed in the light of day looks a heck of a lot better, that’s what you get today! 😀

Around 4am, I had a little snack to tide me over until I could get home for breakfast (lunch/dinner/whatever)…

Quest BarsAnd since I didn’t take a picture, just pretend that the cinnamon roll one is all you see here! 😉

Once home around 7am, I whipped up a bowl of savory deliciousness…

Yolk Porn

Same picture as yesterday, only with more YOLKPORN…one double-yolk egg, steamed bok choy, pumpkin puree, and burrata cheese topped with TJ’s 21 seasoning salute.

Then it was off to dreamland! When I woke up just before 3pm, (can I get a hell yeah for almost 8 hours of drug-free sleep?!) I decided to get back to get back to my old ACV drinking days…

ACV DrinkA big mug of hot water mixed with apple cider vinegar, juice from 1/2 a lemon, and a dash of cinnamon!

After torturing myself with the foam roller and then getting in a pretty fantastic workout at the gym, I came home and whipped up some grub around 5pm…

Grilled Portobello + Bok Choy + Zucchini + BeetsLeftover roasted beets (even sweeter when they’re cold), steamed bok choy and zucchini, and, the STAR of the show, a grilled portobello mushroom topped with sautéed onions on an everything bagel thin with this AMAZING Greek yogurt garlic & herb cheese spread…which I now want to spread on every surface including my face! 😉

I then showered up, threw on my fuzzy robe and got cozy in bed for some blog reading. Thinking I would go to bed early like I’ve been doing on Thursday nights, when I got hungry again around 9pm, I didn’t really want to “make” anything to eat so I went with my trusted standby…

PB&J Quest Bar

Yep, second Quest bar in one day…judge me all you want, but it was EXACTLY what I was craving. Hit the spot and hit it good, especially since I had it with a big mug of COOKIES!

Sugar Cookie Tea

I forgot how much I love this stuff until I dug this out of the stash I bought last year!

After that, I flipped off the light and it was off to dreamland! was up again after 45 minutes of tossing and turning in bed! Thanks to being hyperaware that I was on call that night, I just couldn’t seem to quiet my mind. So the light went BACK on, and I broke out a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while. And then, between the hours of 11pm and 2am (?!), I did some snacking…

Mini Pops + Apple + CheeseAnd as always, the mini pops got the best of me! I just can’t seem to open a bag of those little devils without finishing them…I also had a Babybel cheese to go along with my baby-sized Gala apple.

And then, at 3am…I FINALLY went to sleep!

What I Ate 'Round the Clock

So now that you’ve seen my somewhat sleep-deprived, savory, salty, sweet, but more importantly SATISFYING eats, head on over to Peas & Crayons and see what everyone else is linking up today!

What was your favorite meal from yesterday?

What’s your go-to late night snack?

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